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Eurofins to invest millions in new UK facility

5800-m2 facility will provide a range of GMP pharmaceutical testing services.

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Pfizer launches new antibiotic in the UK and Germany

Zavicefta treat complicated infections caused By Gram-negative bacteria.

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Lilly to invest $850 million  in US capital projects in 2017

Lilly to invest $850 million in US capital projects in 2017 

24 Mar 2017
FDA approves Parkinson's disease drug

FDA approves Parkinson's disease drug 

24 Mar 2017
TraceLink and Advanco partner to simplify serialization line management integration

TraceLink and Advanco partner to simplify serialization line management integration 

23 Mar 2017

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Access to finance

LEPL Entrepreneurship Development Agency

Lepl entrepreneurship development agency offers a wide range of products which includes access to finance. Condition: the end product should be on the program priority list approved by the georgian government, at least 80% of the loan should be allocated for the acquisition of the fixed assets, new enterprise...

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Acquisition due diligence

PharmaBioSource Inc

Pharmabiosource inc offers a pharmaceutical services which includes acquisition due diligence. It belongs to consulting services category. It methods include protocols and categories that are specific to the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory agencies. It has the disciplines to support various levels ...

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Active pharmaceutical ingredients

CBC Co., Ltd.

Cbc co., ltd offers a wide range of products which includes active pharmaceutical ingredients. Contact us for more information.

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Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products

Biotec Services International ltd

With you, as you shape the futurebrhrbrAdvanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMPs) are the new exciting frontier in medicine potentially heralding revolutionary treatments of a number of diseases and injuries.

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CTP Tecnologie di Processo Spa

Ctp tecnologie di processo spa offers a wide range of services which includes advanced therapies. Services: risk analysis and assessment, quality system construction and adaptation, design and engineering services, qualification and construction of utilities, clean rooms, process and cleaning validation, supp...

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AHU With Inbuilt Dehumidifier

Kleantech Engineering Systems Pvt Ltd

Kleantech engineering systems pvt. Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes ahu with inbuilt dehumidifier. It belong to hvac & air handling system category. Feature: it comprises of desiccant rotor, process blower motor, reactivation blower motor, reactivation heaters, steam coil, gear reduction uni...

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assisting with funding and financing

Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG)

IMG provides information on equity capital, capital partners, venture capital, bank loans, incentives and sureties. We can support you in structuring and preparing your business plan, provide advice on public grant programmes for investments and put you in contact with the appropriate partners.

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Basic and industrial chemical services

Intertek India Private Limited

Intertek india private limited offers a wide range of services which includes basic and industrial chemical services. Feature: it help you meet quality, manufacturing and regulatory standards across the supply chain and to reach optimal efficiency. Contact us for more information.

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Bioanalytical services

TCI Laboratories

Tci laboratories offers pharmaceutical service portfolio which includes bioanalytical services. It includes recombinant protein expression and purification, protein formulation development, protein aggregation assay development, stability tests in different matrixes, isolation, identification, synthesis and s...

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cGMP API Manufacture

Soneas (formerly known as Ubichem Pharma Group)

Ubichem Pharma Manufacturing Kft offers wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes cgmp api manufacture. Contact us for more information.

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Chemical testing and EU release of imported products

Orofino Pharmaceuticals Group

Orofino Pharmaceuticals Group provides wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes chemical testing and eu release of imported products. Contact us for more information.

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Clinical studies

APIGENEX s.r.o. 

Apigenex s.r.o. Offers a wide range of products which includes clinical studies. Feature: it is provision of all the documents necessary for submitting the application for approval of clinical evaluation of a new drug to the relevant authorities, handling of communication with the state authority (súkl) and e...

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Comprehensive engineering solutions

Estima Pharma Solutions LLP

Estima pharma solutions llp offers a wide range of service which includes comprehensive engineering solutions. Feature: designing of new facility, conceptual design studies, basic engineering, detailed engineering, renovation of existing facility according to who , usfda and other regulatory norms, qualificat...

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Contract Research & Services

AVIK Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Avik Pharmaceuticals Ltd offers a wide range of export contract research & services which includes planning & conducting pharmacokinetic studies, drug development, toxicity studies, pharmacodynamics studies, bioanalytical services, pharmacology, dossiers & ctd compilations. Contact us for more information.

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Custom Pharma Services (CPS)

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories SA

Dr. Reddy's Custom Pharma Services (CPS) draws on Dr. Reddy's domain expertise in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing to provide innovators with customized services and solutions for starting materials, intermediates, active ingredients, and finished dosage forms.CPS partners have access to the best ...

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Customised contact research and market targeting for service

Pharma Targeting Ltd

Pharma targeting offers service which includes customised contact research and market targeting for service. Contact us for more information.

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Factory Design and GMP Service

Beijing Canny Consulting Inc.

Canny provides GMP consulting service for FDA cGMP, EU GMP, WHO GMP and Chinese GMP. It also provides full services for new (converted) factory (workshop) design, construction and GMP certification to ensure the quality of product is of GMP compliance with the target market. It includes services such as 1. Ch...

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KA Malle Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Ka Malle Pharmaceuticals Ltd offers a wide range of services hydrogenation contract manufacturing. It provides hydrogenation contract manufacturing for products like Aroma & Perfumery, Pharmaceutical Industries, Agro Products, Fine Chemicals, etc

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ODM total consulting

Kolmar Korea Co., Ltd.

Kolmar korea co., ltd. Has entered into different business field such as pharmaceutical business and health business field. It offers total service from the development of product to the completion of the product. The odm network is the system introduced by kolmar korea for the first time in the korea. In thi...

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professional services in logistics, repackaging and pharmaceutical cargo labelling

Frankopharm Group, SIA

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Turnkey IV Solutions

Grifols International S.A.

Also we can offer a global solution for engineering and manufacturing plant projects. Grifols is the only company offering you complete turnkey projects for parenteral solution plants. Visit

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Absence of Specific Pathogens

ILS Ltd.

Ils ltd provides wide range of microbial quality determination testing which inludes absence of specific pathogens. Testing for the absence of specific pathogens is to ensure the organisms below are not present in any pharmaceutical product or ingredient. Contact us for more information.

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AIP and Data Integrity

NSF Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Nsf Shanghai Co., Ltd provides wide range of pharma / biotech services which includes aip and data integrity. It has become a pressing issue with many regulatory authorities in light of several high-profile instances of data integrity violations. Contact us for more informaiton.

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Analytical Chemistry Service

Laviana Corporation

Laviana Corporation offers wide range of chemistry outsourcing services which includes analytical chemistry service. Features: cgmp release (coa), hplc, gc method development and validation, forced degradation studies, reference standard qualification, cmc preparation and review, etc. Contact us for more info...

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Analytical Development


Idifarma provides wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes analytical development. It includes raw material characterization studies, finished product characterization studies, analytical support for the formulation development, development and validation of analytical methods of finished products...

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Analytical Methods Development


Uab Biotechpharma provides wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes analytical methods development. It includes lc analytical method development and validation, sample analysis applying rp, sec, ie, np, hic stationary phases, protein peptide mapping method development, impurity profiling using liq...

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OnTarget Chemistry

Ontarget Chemistry provides wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes autoradiography. It offers custom design studies with carbon-14- or tritium labelled compounds on small animals and image analysis of tissue distribution, etc. Contact us for more information.

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BE/PK clinical studies

ARS PharmRussia

Local bioequivalence clinical research at the leading Russian Phase I Units, including study design, clinical and analytical parts, study report; BE study results are required by FZ-61 to register a generic drug in Russia.

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B&B Asesores Auditores Ambientales

B&B Asesores helped the industry in notification of biocides active substances and European dossier's preparation for inclusion of active substances on Annex I, IA of BPD 98/8/EC. B&B Asesores provided complete management and realization of dossiers for inclusion of active substances used as insecticide and d...

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Bioprocess development towards GMP (IDD)

Xendo B.V.

Xendo B.V. offers wide range of services which includes bioprocess development towards gmp (idd). It belongs to bioprocessing category. It guarantees all necessary support for preclinical batches, bill of materials, bill of testing, process validations, management of viral clearance studies, gmp documentation...

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