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Peter-Greven-Strasse 20-30 • 53902 • Bad Münstereifel • Germany •

Peter Greven GmbH + Co. KG

About this company

Peter Greven is a producer of oleochemical additives and auxiliaries. Our plant in the Netherlands is dedicated to the production of vegetable based stearates. Strict adherence to the regulations of the Orthodox Union (OU) is documented in the kosher certificate, all products comply with GMP and food guidelines and are halal certified. Insertion of our stearates in the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics secures the following advantages: validated manufacturing process of stearate guarantees constant physical properties of the final product. This particularly applies in the hardness of the tablets and the speed of release of the included additives.

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Peter-Greven-Strasse 20-30 • 53902 • Bad Münstereifel • Germany •

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Sales markets
Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Americas, Africa, Central/South America

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