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Pharmaceutical Technology, Laboratory and Analytical Equipment

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CPhI Worldwide opens entries for largest ever Pharma Awards

The 2017 awards include eight new categories - celebrating outstanding achievements in the pharma industry.

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Agilent Technologies acquires Raman spectroscopy innovator, Cobalt Light Systems

Cobalt's portfolio of solutions accelerates entry into high-growth Raman spectroscopy market and expands Agilent’s value proposition for pharmaceutical and biopharma customers.

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Daiichi Sankyo, Max Planck Innovation and Lead Discovery Center announce cancer research collaboration

Parties to optimize certain novel compounds that target cancer cell transcription and proliferation.

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Latest news

Positive results from 12-month Phase III safety study of Revefenacin in patients with COPD

Positive results from 12-month Phase III safety study of Revefenacin in patients with COPD 

20 Jul 2017
LifeArc negotiates exclusive licence deal with Nemysis for oral iron supplement technology

LifeArc negotiates exclusive licence deal with Nemysis for oral iron supplement technology 

20 Jul 2017
Catalent and academia on quest to better understand pediatric drug formulation and delivery challenges

Catalent and academia on quest to better understand pediatric drug formulation and delivery challenges 

20 Jul 2017

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Wastewater technology - evaluation, development & implementation

VTU Engineering GmbH

Your benefits

  • Independent process evaluation 
  • In-house wastewater lab and technical center
  • Diverse analytical options 
  • Expertise in wastewater treatment 
  • Years of experience 
  • Industries: Pharmaceutical industry Chemical industry  Oil & g...
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    Test product 8

    CPhI Online Test Company with user

    CPhI Online is the leading product and supplier search engine in the pharma industry. Our supplier database includes over 7,000 verified pharma ingredient suppliers and service providers . This allows us to make product/service search more effective for buyers while generating high-quality leads for sup...

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    Picosplit ultrafine classifier

    Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft

    Hosokawa alpine ag offers a wide range of products which includes picosplit ultrafine classifier. Features: It is an ultrafine classifier for the classification of dry powders by particle size. Classification is based on the centrifugal counterflow principle in a high-speed deflector-wheel classifier, high pr...

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    Pharmaceutical Development lab


    Having decades of hands-on experience on a wide range of (complex) technologies and a many different types of products, our Pharmaceutical experts are able to fully execute and/or support the development of any finished dosage form, formula or process, as well as the transfer and scale-up of a develop...

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    Pure steam humidifier Condair LS

    Humidity Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Humidity Technologies Pvt Ltd.  distributes 'Condair' make steam humidifiers and solid desiccant dehumidifiers. Condair is a transnational company having head quarters in Switzerland  a wide range of products which includes pure steam humidifier condair LS. Features: Condair LS is a steam distr...

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    Sterilized Plants

    S.K. Pharma Machinery Pvt Ltd

    S.k. Pharma machinery pvt ltd offers a wide range of manufacturing plants which includes sterilized plants. Features: It has applications in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, cosmetics sector. Can be provided with options of different levels of automation, load cells & dosing units. Features advance...

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    testo 184

    Testo SE & Co. KG aA


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    Pharma Reaction System

    De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH

    The Pharma Reaction System is designed in a compact layout for standardized capacities from 16 to 63l. Systems combining a glass-lined vessel with a glass dome for perfect observation of the process can be realized up to 630l.

    It is specially designed for two process stages: reaction ...

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    Chemical Colour Imaging - Perception STUDIO

    Perception Park Gmbh

    Hyperspectral imaging allows to identify chemical properties of materials and to analyse thus differences in the materials. Objects leave a unique „fingerprint” with their highly complex spectral information. However, hyperspectral camera technology has not yet been widely applied in the industrial enviro...

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    Two way inclined conveyor

    Allegro Pharmachem Equipments

    Allegro pharmachem equipments offers a wide range of machinery products which includes two way inclined conveyor. It belongs to Conveyors category. It is suitable and ideal for cartooning and manual labeling operation, provided with 9' wide food grade belt placed on a ss plafform,provided with high quality ge...

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    Unicus® scraped surface heat exchanger

    HRS Process Systems Limited

    Hrs process systems offers a wide range of products which includes unicus® scraped surface heat exchanger. It is for difficult and critical processes where other types of heat exchangers such as rotary scraped surface heat exchanger, shell and tube or plain type are incapable of offering an adequate solution...

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    SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell

    Vanrx Pharmasystems

    The SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell is a gloveless robotic isolator for the automated filling of liquid or lyophilized therapies. The SA25 fills syringes, vials or cartridges. The rapid changeover between formats and the use of nested, pre-sterilized containers increases uptime and supports producing multiple d...

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    Quality Control

    Lichtenheldt GmbH

    We offer a highly professional quality management throughout the organization. In more than 500 m² of laboratory facilities, we annually test approx. 1,500 product batches for market release.
    The area of responsibility for quality control already starts with choosing the appropria...

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    Skytech Systems (India) Pvt Ltd

    Skytech Systems (India) Pvt.Ltd provides wide range of analytical instruments which includes ICP-OES of GBC Scientific Pty Ltd Australia. Contact us for more information.

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    Agilent Technologies Announces Revolutionary Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

    The Ultivo triple quad is a transformative approach to LC/MS that integrates several hardware and software innovations designed to deliver even more improved business results for customers. Ultivo is opt...

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    SYX-C Cartridge Filling and Closing Machine

    NJM Packaging

    Njm packaging provides wide range of liquid filling & closing systems includes syx-c cartridge filling and closing machine. It is a filling and closing machine for processing of glass or plastic cartridges, for injectable products in sterile applications. Production speed: up to 200 units per minute. The desi...

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    Steel ball mills

    Paul O Abbe

    Paul o abbe offers wide range of equipments which includes steel ball mills. It belongs to size reduction category. Benefits of tumble milling: high efficiency – due to the relatively slow rotational speed but large mass of media, more of the energy goes into milling and less wasted as heat. Narrow particle d...

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    Strongarm Designs Inc

    Strongarm designs inc offers cleanmount. Features: it has streamlined design that eliminates exposed cables and has smooth, rounded surfaces for cleanability. Contact us for more information.

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    Hepa Cart

    Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH

    Ortner’s Hepa Carts (laminar flow carts) are designed for the contamination-free transport or temporarystorage of critical products in cleanrooms or safety zones. Hepa Carts are, for example, used for the loading and unloading processes of lyophilization units in order to meet the requirements according toAnn...

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    Vertical vacuum dryer

    Comi Polaris Systems Inc

    Comi polaris systems inc offers wide range of machineries which includes vertical vacuum dryer. it belongs to filter / vacuum drying category. Features: itsflexible, compact and robust drying equipment suitable for several processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Internally heated agitator all...

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    Vertical pilot plant centrifuges Series V 300 - 500 TP

    Heinkel Group USA

    Heinkel group usa offers a wide range of centrifuges which includes vertical pilot plant centrifuges series v 300 - 500 tp. It is designed for use in the laboratory and pilot plant through the mobile compact design and easy installation. The centrifuge is specially designed for cgmp requirements in the pharma...

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    Tablet filler machine

    Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company

    Louisiana chemical equipment company offers tablet filler machine. It is tablet aligner/filler; mounted on portable stand; w/san ss 15" x 20" feed hopper mounted on top. Contact us for more information.

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    HF 800 Stainless Steel (Inverting Filter Centrifuge)

    CelesTech Inc

    Celestech inc offers centrifuge which includes hf 800 stainless steel (inverting filter centrifuge). With new siemens motors, load cell and vibration and all new instrumentation on machine. Contact us for more information.

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    Butterfly valve mcv

    American International Container

    American international container offers cleaning system which includes butterfly valve mcv. Feature: it is one of the best in the industry. Light weight and easy to use, manufacturers and processors around the world are relying on the müller containment valve to safeguard the health of their employees, while ...

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    Fu Chuan Da Co Ltd

    Fu Chuan Da Co., Ltd. Offers hard capsule machine fcd-7d50 , fcd-7d35. It has systems to servomotor along with ball screw and air cylinder drive and it could save up to 256 sets of parameters. Contact us for more information.

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    Supervisory, Traceability and Control Systems

    LAST Technology

    LAST Technology offers a wide range of products which includes Supervisory, Traceability and Control Systems type STCS. 

  • Designed for: it is designed in order to grant the complete automation of the process equipments. 
  • Process features: it is efficient and reliable. All know-how on the pr...
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    Ywj100-ii soft gelatin encapsulating machine

    Wenzhou Jiangna Pharmaceutical Machnery Co Ltd

    Wenzhou jiangna pharmaceutical machnery co ltd offers a wide range of soft gelatin encapsulating machine which includes ywj100-ii soft gelatin encapsulating machine. It is elaborately designed on the base of old ywj100-ii and according to the requirements of gmp standard. It is a simple and efficient laborato...

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    Nasal Sprays

    Berry Global, Inc

    We provide an unmatched combination of product offerings & packages, design & innovation capabilities to leverage new technology & patient insights, & manufacturing expertise in pharmaceutical packaging.
    Our product range allows you to choose the appropriate:

  • Product according to the r...
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    Roll Thermo Gel Hot / Cold Compress

    Kurtsan Pharmaceuticals

    Hot CompressHot helps to decrease muscle spasms, ease pain,soothes and relaxes. General treatment: Chronicmusculoskeletal pain (if not acute inflammation),muscle strain, back pain, menstrual pain, rheumatismand joint inflammatory.

    Cold CompressCold helps to decrease pain caused byburn, and swelling...

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    Storage tank

    Zhejiang Xinchuangxing Technology Co Ltd.

    Zhejiang xinchuangxing technology co.,ltd. Offers wide range of products which includes storage tank. It is suitable for large-scale milk station or dairy factory storage of frozen milk, but also for other food, pharmaceutical factory storage of liquid materials, the equipment is equipped with washing system,...

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