7 Sep 2021

F 160

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1)Universal de-blistering machine for all types of blisters2)Machine with polished base made of stainless steel AISI 304 with pivoting wheels
3)Machine with balcony structure for easy cleaning
4)Upon specific request by the customer, dedicated formats can be developed for each single type of blister
5)The F160 Universal de-blistering machine recovers products packed in blisters with aluminium lid, but not in blisters with high-strength lid.
6)Automatic blister loader and feeder
7)Maximum dimensions of the blisters to be de-blistered 110 x 150mm
8)Average processing speed about 1 blister every 1.0 – 1.5 sec.
9)The machine is equipped with safety systems to protec the operator10)Compressed air not required

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    1)Automatic Blistering machine2)Production with alternate system
    3)2 blisters per stroke if the total dimensions of the 2 blisters does not exceed 100 mm, taking into account the 6-mm gap between one blister and the next
    4)Vertical and horizontal perforation, which can also be carried out at the same time
    5)Possibility to install a forming system with pre-punches
    6)Production of ALU-ALU blisters
    7)Production of PVC-ALU blisters
    8)Maximum format of the blister 120×100 mm
    9)Maximum pocket depth 15 mm
    10)Production of about 600-1,600 blisters/hour (1 blister per stroke) or about 1,200-3,200 blisters/hour (2 blisters per stroke)
    11)Setting of data and of work cycle from operator panel managed by a Siemens PLC (CFR21 Compliance)
    12)Control system for the angular rotation position of the camshaft from absolute encoder, with accuracy of 360 pulses/revolution13)The temperature is controlled by 3 thermore...