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8 Oct 2010

2010 6th Modern Drug Discovery and Development Summit (M3D)

6th Modern Drug Discovery and Development Summit (M3D)will offer an in-depth examination of the challenges involved in the dynamic and ever-changing field of drug discovery and development.

Productivity in the pharmaceutical industry is flagging.  It is now clear that the traditional pharmaceutical Research & Development model is not sustainable. New technological innovations in Research & Development may mitigate the situation, but they will not sufficiently reverse the inexorable decline in productivity to salvage the traditional Research & Development model. Instead, radically different business models of Research & Development must be developed, tested and implemented; failure to do so poses a grave threat to the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

Despite such a challenge, new government regulation in areas such as stem cell research and recent advances in technology, as seen in transitional medicine, do present the industry with opportunities to push forward and prosper. Exploring these future opportunities is at the center of the 2010 6th Modern Drug Discovery & Development Summit in San Francisco, CA, on October 20-22, 2010.<

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