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ANHUI HAOYUAN CHEMICAL GROUP CO LTD offers a wide range of products which includes 2-(2-aminoethoxy)ethanol. DGA is essentially colorless, slightly viscous liquid with a mild amine odor. DGA is miscible with water, alcohols, and aromatic hydrocarbons, but relatively immiscible with aliphatic hydrocarbons and ethyl ether. Isometric with diethanolamine; however, the primary H2N group makes it more reactive. Applications: Used for carbonyl sulfide (COS) removal from liquid hydrocarbon streams; Used as a selective solvent for recovery of aromatics from refinery streams; Removes carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from natural and refinery gas, aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids and other sour hydrocarbon steams; Preparation of foam stabilizers, wetting and emulsifying agents, condensation polymers, photoresist strippers, and amides for personal care and metalworking applications. Appearance: Clear and substantially free ST-30.1 of suspended matter. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Intermediates, Fine and Specialty ChemicalsFine Chemicals (general category)
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East Region (e.g. UAE); Asia; Oceania; North America (USA, Canada); Africa; Central/South America
Supplied from China
Selling Points Quality Service

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