CPHI 365 Digital Solutions

Engage with a Global Pharma Audience 365 Days/Year

Reach an audience of 280,000+ global pharma professionals, generate quality leads, and position yourself as a thought leader with CPHI 365 Digital Solutions.

For over 30 years, CPHI has brought the international pharmaceutical industry together and built a global community through its worldwide events and digital platforms. Take advantage of our industry knowledge, expertise, and reach, to promote your business online to a global pharmaceutical audience around the clock, 365 days a year.

Our Reach

  • 280,000
    pharma professionals in our database
  • 1M
    unique website visitors in the last 12 months
  • 300+
    online content features
  • 68,000
    people following our social networks
  • 100K+
    email newsletter subscribers

Our Audience

  • Pharmaceutical Company – Generic Finished Products
  • Distributor
  • Pharmaceutical Company – Innovator Finished Products
  • Consultancy
  • API Producer
Trusted by the Industry

Our digital marketing solutions have been used by some of the pharmaceutical industry’s leading names, looking to benefit from year-round, effortless promotion.

Why CPHI 365 Digital Solutions?

  • Scalable multi-channel campaigns for a wider reach
  • Innovative and memorable content focused on your company & products
  • Measurable results: Generate new leads for your sales pipeline

Our 365 Digital Products

  • Digital Advertising
    • Online Display Ads: available on www.cphi-online.com and across our event websites
    • Display Ad in CPHI Online Weekly Newsletter
  • Digital Content
    • Editorial Webinars: sponsor a webinar from our content calendar
    • Podcast: sponsor a CPHI or Pharmapack podcast
    • Learning Lab: Pitch your company, product or solution to a global Pharma audience in a 20 min pre-recorded video
    • Custom Webinar: Host a 45-60 min webinar on a topic of your choice
    • Whitepaper: Host a gated whitepaper produced by our content team on cphionline.com
    • Featured Article: Host your article on cphionline.com and promote it in our weekly newsletter
    • Trend Report: Host your trend report on cphionline.com and promote it in our weekly newsletter