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3CK is an Italian company specialized in medical devices. Thanks to many years of experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, innovative solutions have been created in the field of single-use devices. A new way of conceiving pre-filled syringes. These devices meet high standards of safety, hygiene and innovation. Protected by an international patent, they will revolutionize the sector bringing a positive spillover to manufacturers, healthcare professionals and their patients.

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  • 5th Generation Prefilled Syringe

    Product 5th Generation Prefilled Syringe

    This innovative medical device is the newly patented 5th generation of prefilled syringes. Its innovative design overtakes the weak points of standard pfs, particularly by eliminating the break-loose force and any need for silicone oil. 

    The absence of silicone oil makes it the perfect choice for biologicals, allows for a longer shelf life and grants absence of friction for a longer time.

    5th generation prefilled syringes are particularly safe to use, thanks to the elimination of the break-loose force and their smooth process of liquid ejection. They are single use and ready for use with no previous preparation. These syringes do not contain any air bubbles, they have a precise filling that prevents overdosage, and can be easily handled by the user with no particular inclination angle. Their transparent dome allows an easy visual inspection. They don't need reconstruction, with a considerable reduction of time and of possible contamination. 

    On the economic side, 5th generation syringes are particularly cost effective to manufacture as they can be produced with a wide choice of plastic materials. From the user point of view, they grant the correct dosage with no need of overdosing and consequent product waste. With such syringes, the process of administration is shorter as the syringe already contains the product with no need of getting it from a multidose vial or previous container.

    5th generation prefilled syringes can be tailor-made based on your needs: materials, colors, transparency level and luer port type will be designed on your needs. Laser printing can safely report information on the syringe body, like text, images or qr codes.

    The spherical shape of the syringes translates in the minimum possible contact of the liquid with the surfaces of the device.