Product description

The non-airless dosage system for dispensing liquid pharmaceutical or cosmetic formulations
3K = triple protection against microbiological contamination:
  • Bacteriostatic surfaces
  • Microbiological tight closing valve
  • Air purifying filter
Both a microbiologically tightly closing valve and the bacteriostatic effect of the surfaces used in the nozzle guarantee perfectly protected contents. In addition, the backflowing air is filtered after the pump has been actuated. Thus, the 3K-system guarantees a perfect protection of the contents against microbiological contamination and in the meantime provides all the advantages of a multi-dosing system.

The patented 3K pump can be combined with both plastic and glass bottles. The completely pre-assembled and sterilized pump is snapped on the sterilized primary container after the filling process, which is carried out under aseptic conditions.
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