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The 3M biopharmaceutical business is a subset of the 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division which utilizes cutting edge 3M material science that pushes the boundaries of purification, filtration, and separation to support production, processes that change lives, and deliver quality solutions where it matters most.

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Products from 3M (3)

  • 3M™ Emphaze™ AEX Series Hybrid Purifier

    Product 3M™ Emphaze™ AEX Series Hybrid Purifier

    A single-use technology for polishing stage clarification of mammalian cell culture fluid and is designed to reduce both soluble (DNA and HCP) and insoluble impurities. 3M Emphaze AEX Hybrid Purifier combines two types of media: Q-functional nonwoven and a membrane that work together to provide high clarif...
  • 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier

    Product 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier

    Are you interested in a cost-efficient, single-use and single-step option to streamline your process? This next-generation harvest and clarification technology: • Delivers higher yield and higher product quality • Replaces the centrifuge and/or depth filtration processes with a single step • Ha...
  • 3M™ Polisher ST

    Product 3M™ Polisher ST

    3M™ Polisher ST can be used to replace downstream AEX polishing columns in both fed batch and continuous manufacturing. It features: • 100x mAb loading of typical Q resin (10+ kg/m² target loading) • Scalability from lab to manufacturing scale • High salt and low pH tolerance • Robust viral...