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Exhibitor at CPHI Barcelona 2023 stand 3R79, Contract Manufacturing and Services
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 IntelGenx is a Leader in Pharmaceutical Film Development & Manufacturing. Our mission is to Make Approved Drugs Better, with next generation pharmaceutical products that address unmet medical needs, and offer significant benefits to patients and physicians. Our film proprietary technologies, VersaFilm™ and VetaFilm™, enable the development of pharmaceutical oral films with potential to improve absorption, accelerate onset of action, reduce side effects, ease administration and improve patient compliance. IntelGenx' highly skilled team provides comprehensive pharmaceuticals services to pharmaceutical partners, including R&D, analytical method development, clinical monitoring, intellectual property, regulatory and manufacturing services. We Offer:  •  Development and Manufacturing by Contract  and • Licensing-Out of Innovative Oral Film Products. Our teams of experts are committed to go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of our partners.

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CPHI Barcelona 2023
  • 24-26 October 2023
  • Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain
  • Visit us at stand 3R79, Contract Manufacturing and Services

Products Featured at CPHI Barcelona 2023

  • VersaFilmTM   -  Oral Film Technology

    Product VersaFilmTM - Oral Film Technology

    VersaFilm™ is our proprietary delivery technology platform that enables the development of pharmaceutical films with potential to improve product performance: • Rapid disintegration without the need for water • Quicker buccal or sublingual absorption • Potential for faster onset of action and incr...
  • VetaFilmTM - Veterinary Oral Film Technology

    Product VetaFilmTM - Veterinary Oral Film Technology

    VetaFilm™ is our proprietary veterinary oral film technology that provides significant market opportunities to improve drug delivery for companion animals. VetaFilm™ research and development services and veterinary oral films provide: • Dose placed directly on oral mucosa or on their f...
  • Development & Manufacturing by Contract

    Product Development & Manufacturing by Contract

    IntelGenx offers full service to foster the growth of its partners. Our State-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the most modem equipment to deliver high-quality, cost-effective film products, while accommodating client requirements at each stage of product development. Int...
  • Tadalafil VersaFilmTM

    Product Tadalafil VersaFilmTM

    Tadalafil film is a new product opportunity formulated using VersaFilm™, IntelGenx’s proprietary thin film technology. 

    Key Licensing Highlights
    • The first oral thin film using IntelGenx proprietary drug delivery technology, VersaFilm™, for erectile dysfunction • Con...
  • Rizaport®  -  Rizatriptan VersaFilmTM

    Product Rizaport® - Rizatriptan VersaFilmTM

    Rizaport®  is a novel, competitive and differentiated oral thin film formulation of rizatriptan for the acute treatment of migraine. 
    Key Licensing Highlights
    • Orally disintegrating film, without need for water, provides e...
  • Montelukast VersaFilmTM

    Product Montelukast VersaFilmTM

    Montelukast VersaFilm™ is an early stage pipeline opportunity that leverages the VersaFilm™ Technology for the treatment of degenerative diseases of the brain, such as mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease, the most prominent form of dementia.  IntelGenx is collabo...
  • Loxapine VersaFilmTM

    Product Loxapine VersaFilmTM

    Loxapine oral film utilizes IntelGenx' proprietary VersaFilm™ technology to allow for a fast and safe acting loxapine oral film dosage form, offering significant clinical benefits for patients with agitation associated with schizophrenia & bipolar 1 disorder.

    Key Licensing Highlights q...