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Exhibitor at CPHI Frankfurt 2022 stand 30G71, InnoPack
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Heinlein Plastik-Technik is a leading global partner to the pharmaceutical, medical products, food, lifestyle and healthcare industry with high quality primary packaging solutions. The product range includes screw caps, CRC´s, dosing systems (syringes, droppers, pourers, measuring cups, spoons) and pipette sets, applicators and further customized products. We offer design and realization of individualized products, including construction of molds and injection molding of components with assembly in our premises with an overall area of more than 22,000 m². With state-of-the-art technology and a high degree of creativity, our experienced team of technicians and engineers realize solutions exactly built to your requirements. Heinlein stands for “Packaging made in Germany” and is certified according to the standards ISO 9001, ISO 15378 (GMP), ISO 13485 and clean room technology.CRC s are qualified according to ISO 8317 and CFR §1700. For further information please go to www.heinlein-plastik.de.

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CPHI Frankfurt 2022
  • 1-3 November 2022
  • Messe Frankfurt, Germany
  • Visit us at stand 30G71, InnoPack

Products Featured at CPHI Frankfurt 2022

  • Child-Resistant Closures with Tamper-Evidence

    Product Child-Resistant Closures with Tamper-Evidence

    Our child-resistant closures provide an ideal balance between an innovative design, ease of operation, and the legally required level of reliability. We attach great value to product qualification according to DIN EN ISO 8317 + US 16 CFR § 1700-20.
    See our demo video at: https://www...
  • Child-resistant dropper set with Tamper-Evidence

    Product Child-resistant dropper set with Tamper-Evidence

    Newly developed and childproof, the ‘CRC-Pipette set’ from Heinlein guarantees certified product quality and highest safety standards. Our CRC pipette is mainly suitable for liquids that place increased safety demands on the user. Its ISO 8317 and US 16 CFR § 1700.20 certification guarantees that these de...
  • Closures,  Dosing Systems and Application Aids

    Product Closures, Dosing Systems and Application Aids

    Heinlein Plastik-Technik is your reliable manufacturer for closure and dosing systems and application aids. Our wide-ranging technical expertise and extensive experience in the use of our products around the world, as well as unwavering support, provide the best possible environment for the development of opt...
  • Dosing syringes and Adapters

    Product Dosing syringes and Adapters

    Dosing syringes and adapters are available for glass and PET syrup bottles for various opening diameters. Dosing syringes are currently a welcome packaging solution, as dosing is extremely easy and clean with this type of syringe (no residue on the barrel of the syringe). The syringe adapter from Heinlein is ...
  • Droppers & Pourers

    Product Droppers & Pourers

    We offer you a wide range of different droppers and pourers. We will find the ideal dosing system for your product, tailored to the liquid in question. It should be noted that, due to their special viscosity, liquids with alcohol as a base exhibit a significantly different flow or drip behaviour than, for exa...
  • Flipdropper - Single-Piece Flip Top Cap with Tamper-Evidence and integrated Drip Function

    Product Flipdropper - Single-Piece Flip Top Cap with Tamper-Evidence and integrated Drip Function

    The new generation of pharma packaging. Our Flipdropper® is a single-piece closure system with integrated drip function and addition first-opening recognition. It fits any GL-18 thread. We see it as a particularly innovative product, so presenting it this year is an achievement that’s especially close to ...
  • Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

    Product Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

    Our dosing aids enable clean use and precise dosing. Our range of dosing cups is designed for combined use with our closures, and they fit on top of them. This enables automatic assembly in your production process and reduces space requirements for the secondary packing. The registration of our dosing cups an...
  • Tamper-Evident Closures, one-part with various dosing inserts

    Product Tamper-Evident Closures, one-part with various dosing inserts

    Easy to open, and the perfect visible protection when your product is first opened. This closure with a contemporary design is the ideal choice for ensuring product safety. Its function of verifying first opening is perfectly discharged when the ring is flawlessly broken off. We manufacture single-pie...
  • Closures and inserts

    Product Closures and inserts

    Screw closures are cost-effective closure solutions with a reliable sealing function. They are used mainly when no additional function to ensure the safety of the contents is necessary, e.g. evidence of tampering. The internal matching mandrel of the closure is tailored to the respective dosing insert, so tha...