InventyS Research Company Pvt. Ltd.

Exhibitor at CPHI Frankfurt 2022 stand 110C43, API
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Type of business: Custom Manufacturing/Custom Synthesis Key Products/Service Areas: Methyl Esters Of Chiral Amino Acids, Chiral Amino Acids, Methyl Phenyl Hydantoin, Dibromo Hydantoin, Cyclopentanone, Styrene Oxide, Phenyl Acetaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal, Phenyl Ethyl Propionate, Styrallyl Acetate, 7-Chloroquinaldine, Benzyl Chloride Dimethyl Amine, Phenyl Ethyl Methyl Ether, 4-(Methoxyphenyl)-N,N-Dimethylthioacetamide, 2-Chloro-2',6'-dimethylacetanilide, Dipropyl Malonate, Bis-(2-Chloroethyl)-ether, 2-Aminodiphenyl sulphide, 2-(2-Methoxyphenoxy)ethylamine, 4-Hydroxycarbazole, Beta-Dimethylaminopropiophenone HCl, p-Methoxyacetophenone, Venlafaxine, Lidocaine, Valproic Acid, 4-Aminosalicylic Acid Services Custom Manufacturing, Specialities for Agro, Perfumery/Cosmetics, and Other Applications, Advanced Intermediates for Pharma, Fine Chemicals Manufacturing, GMP Plants: Design, Engineering, Construction, Piping, and Process Automation, Scale Up Servcies, Process Manufacturing Ancillary Services, Advanced Equipment Design and Manufacturing, Biochemical Synthesis and Manufacturing Specialisms : Custom Manufacturing, Fine Chemicals Manufacturing, Specialties for Agro, Perfumery/Cosmetics and Others, Advanced Intermediates for Pharma, Bulk Intermediates Company Profile Inventys Research Company is a reliable Custom Manufacturer of Advanced Intermediates & Specialties from India. It is part of the Multi Group of Companies, one of India's leading groups (36 years old) in the area of organic chemicals. Its expertise and ability, to efficiently manufacture these specialties and advanced intermediates while practicing responsible social & environmental care and delivering consistent high quality, is unmatched in the segments served. Inventys Core Strengths : GMP Manufacturing, (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001), Efficient and Consistent Custom Manufacturing, Responsible and Safe Plant Operations, Transparent Cost Structure, Strong IPR Adherence, Fast Effective Optimal Process Scale Up, Efficient and Frugal Project Engineering, Competent and Efficient Business Processes, Fair and Ethical Business Practices, Responsible Environmental Care, Continuous Improvement, Design, Build, Commission DCS Controlled GMP Facilities on Fast Track, Advanced Equipment Design and Fabrication, Automation Services - Process Plants and Ware Houses, Savings up to 75% in Capital Costs and up to 45 % in Operations Costs Chemistries Chiral Synthesis, Amino Acid Synthesis, Cyanation, Hydrolysis, Synthesis of Heterocycles, Bucherer- Berg Reaction, Esterification, Hydrogenation, Alkylation, Coupling Reaction, High Temperature Reactions, Gas Phase Reactions, Chlorosulphonation, Condensation, Continuous Flow Chemistry, Continuous Catalytic Reactions (Nitriles / Organic Acids / Aldehydes / Ketones), Sulphonation, Caustic Fusion, Etherification, Acidification, Neutralization Unit Operations : Chiral Separation, Selective Crystallization, High Vacuum Distillation - Solvent Recovery, Handling Highly toxic and Moderately Corrosive Chemicals, Handling of Gases under High Pressure, Chromatographic, Ion Exchange, and Extraction Columns, Crystallization, Filtration, Rotary Filtration, Adsorption, Absorption, Multi-effect Evaporation, Centrifuging, Batch / Vacuum Disilltaion Certifications : ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO18001:2008, cGMP (under implementation), cGLP (under implementation), NABL (under implementation) Responsible Care : Inventys practices responsible care, for true Sustainability. Towards the people, the society it operates in, and the Mother Earth.

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Custom Manufacturing/Custom Synthesis
Intermediates Manufacturer
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  • D514 - Kanakia Zillion, BKC Annexe,, LBS Road Junction, CST Road, Near Kurla Bus Depot, 400 070, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Event information
CPHI Frankfurt 2022
  • 1-3 November 2022
  • Messe Frankfurt, Germany
  • Visit us at stand 110C43, API

Products Featured at CPHI Frankfurt 2022

  • Acetonitrile

    Product Acetonitrile

    Acetonitrile is used to make pharmaceuticals, perfumes, rubber products, pesticides, acrylic 
  • Benzethonium Chloride

    Product Benzethonium Chloride

    CAS # 121-54-0 Mol. Wt. – 448.09 g/mol Synonym – Hyamine

  • Sucralfate

    Product Sucralfate

    CAS # 54182-58-0 Mol. Wt. – 2086.75 gm/gm-mol Synonym – Carafate
  • [MCA] 3-Chloroaniline
  • 2-Phenylindole

    Product 2-Phenylindole

    CAS no 948-65-2