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S.A.L.F. S.p.A. Laboratorio Farmacologico is an Italian company founded in 1921. The main activity consists in the production of drugs and medical devices. From the product range we can mention: parenteral solutions, injectable solutions, irrigation and rinsing solutions, surgical markers, blood treatment solutions, continuous renal replacement therapy solutions (CRRT), non-sterile concentrated hemodialysis solutions, solutions for organ preservation and perfusion. The finished products can be in different containers: glass and propylene bottle...

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CPhI Worldwide 2022
  • 1-3 November 2022
  • Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Visit us at stand 41G43, Finished Dosage Formulations

Products Featured at CPhI Worldwide 2022

  • METOCLOPRAMIDE S.A.L.F. 10mg/2ml

    Product METOCLOPRAMIDE S.A.L.F. 10mg/2ml

    La metoclopramide stimola e coordina la motilità del tratto superiore dell’apparato gastroenterico, senza modificare la secrezione gastrica, pancreatica e biliare.Il suo meccanismo d’azione è complesso, essendo il farmaco antagonista competitivo dei recettori D1 e D2 (dopamina) e dei recettori 5-HT3 (serotonina), nonché agonista aspecifico dei recettori 5-HT4 coinvolti nella stimolazione dei neuroni colinergici enterici. Ha quindi attività procinetica intestinale, indipendente dall’innervazione vagale ma abolita da atropina e altri antagonisti muscarinici.Essa determina un aumento del tono e dell’ampiezza delle contrazioni gastroduodenali e, in misura progressivamente ridotta in senso distale, un incremento coordinato dei movimenti propulsivi del digiuno, dell’ileo e del colon, con una progressione periferica del contenuto endoluminale. Aumenta ancora il tono della muscolatura del terzo medio e inferiore dell’esofago e quindi la pressione a livello dello sfintere, rilasciando nel contempo piloro e bulbo duodenale. Queste azioni si traducono in un accelerato svuotamento gastrico e in una diminuzione del reflusso dal duodeno nello stomaco e nell’esofago. Confezionamento: Metoclopramide - astuccio 5 fiale da 2ml ,10mg/2ml.


    Product DOPAMINE S.A.L.F.

    Dopamine acts as an agonist on specific dopamine receptors and on alpha and beta adrenergic receptors. It decreases peripheral resistance and causes mesenteric and renal vasodilation. It increases renal blood flow, glomerular filtration and urinary flow. As regards the heart, dopamine causes an increased inotropism. It differs from noradrenaline in the action on the region of the kidneys and from isoproterenol, as it does not increase the heart rate. The knowledge about cardiovascular activities of dopamine involving the activation of alpha and beta adrenergic receptors, as well as dopaminergic receptors, allows to better modulate the amine infusion, which, depending on the dose, can give effects of vasoconstriction or vasodilation, cardiac stimulation, inhibition of the increase in heart rate, diuresis, natriuresis and inhibition of aldosterone circulation. SALF is also committed to the development of two new concentrations, 200mg/5ml and 400mg/5ml.



    The solution is intended for perfusion and

    hypothermic preservation of kidney, liver and


    The solution kept bewween at 2° and 6° C (36°

    -43° F) is used to spray the isolated organ

    immediately before or immediately after its

    removal from the dead donor or immediately

    after its removal from the living donor.

    The solution is then left in the vessels of

    the organ during hypothermic storage and

    transport. The solution should be used for the

    cold storage of the organ and it is not suitable

    for the hypothermic preservation with a

    continuous machine perfusion.

    The device can be used only by medical staff

    properly trained to its use, in accordance with

    established operating protocols.



    Servator B

    - Box containing 10 bags of 1000 ml.

    - Box containing 5 bags of 2000 ml.


    24 months


    The solution is clear and colorless or light


    The solution has a calculated osmolarity

    of about 320 mosmol / l.

    pH: 7.1 to 7.5 at 20 ° C.

    The final concentration of sodium ions

    is 29 mEq / l, of potassium ions is 125 mEq / l.

  • FUROSEMIDE S.A.L.F.  250mg/25ml solution for infusion or 20mg/2ml solution for injection

    Product FUROSEMIDE S.A.L.F. 250mg/25ml solution for infusion or 20mg/2ml solution for injection

    Pharmacotherapeutic group: Diuretics with a

    major diuretic action.

    Furosemide, a synthesis saluretic agent, causes

    an increase in water and sodium elimination,

    even in cases in which the glomerular filtration

    is very limited.

    The natriuretic effect is dose-dependent,

    therefore, furosemide allows to obtain a guided

    diuresis; instead, the urinary excretion of potassium

    is significantly limited. As a result, the

    sodium-potassium ratio is extremely favorable.

    The diuretic effect following an oral administration

    begins within the first hour and lasts 4-6

    hours; by intravenous administration the effect

    occurs within few minutes and lasts about 2

    hours, while by intramuscular administration

    the effect occurs a few minutes later, but the

    duration of the action is longer.


    Furosemide S.A.L.F. 250 mg/25 ml

    solution for injection - 5 x 25 ml

    vials A.I.C. 030671046 (Italian MA)

    Furosemide S.A.L.F. 20 mg/2 ml

    solution for injection - 5 x 2 ml

    ampoules A.I.C. 030671010 (Italian MA)

  • BLU PATENT V 2.5% S.A.L.F.  (medical device)

    Product BLU PATENT V 2.5% S.A.L.F. (medical device)

    Patent Blue V is a vital dye suitable for the marking

    of the sentinel lymph node in breast cancer

    and the intraoperative research of the sentinel

    lymph node in patients with colon cancer. It is

    also used in preoperative lymphoscintigraphy for

    sentinel lymph node biopsy in melanoma.


    Amber glass ampoule of 5 ml.

    Amber glass ampoule of 2 ml.

    Pre-filled PP syringe of 5 ml

    with protective casing

    Pre-filled PP syringe of 2 ml

    with protective casing