Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor at CPHI Barcelona 2023 stand 4H15, Excipients
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Fuji Chemical Industries Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Drug Products, Excipients and Natural Astaxanthin. Our specialized contract manufacturing offers API synthesis, solid dispersion with our spray drying technology, etc. Additionally, we offer unique excipients for oral dosage forms, such as Neusilin, Fujicalin. and F-MELT.

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  • 2015
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CPHI Barcelona 2023
  • 24-26 October 2023
  • Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain
  • Visit us at stand 4H15, Excipients

Products Featured at CPHI Barcelona 2023

  • F-melt®

    Product F-melt®

    F-MELT® is a co-processed excipient, composed of carbohydrates, disintegrant and inorganic excipient for oral disintegrating tablets (ODTs).
    F-MELT® is preferred due to its high compressibility, fast disintegration property, and pleasant mouth feel. An ODT can be manufactured by simple blending of...
  • Fujicalin®

    Product Fujicalin®

    Fujicalin® is spray-dried Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous designed to function as direct compression excipient. Fujicalin® has unique property and shows superior performance over conventional DCPAs. Fujicalin® is used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications including preparation of probiot...
  • Neusilin®

    Product Neusilin®

    Neusilin® is synthetic Magnesium Aluminometasilicate manufactured through spray-drying process. It is widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications as a problem solving excipient. Neusilin® is amorphous and it has spherical, highly porous structure that gives excellent flowability and compres...