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Lonza is the preferred global partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutrition markets. We work to prevent illness and enable a healthier world by supporting our customers to deliver new and innovative medicines that help treat a wide range of diseases.

Lonza’s industry-leading Capsugel® capsules and encapsulation technologies, formulation know-how and science-backed ingredients combined with our customer-focused services, provide unique and innovative solutions for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.

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CPhI & PMEC India 2021
  • 24 - 26 November 2021
  • India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR
  • Visit us at stand 1.A02

Products Featured at CPhI & PMEC India 2021

  • Enteric capsules

    Product Enteric capsules

    Capsule technology that simplifies enteric drug delivery implementation. It offers an enteric-release profile to the upper gastro-intestinal tract that meets the disintegration requirements for delayed-release capsules from the European, US and Japanese Pharmacopoeia. The pharmaceutical grades of cellulosic derivatives used in Vcaps® Enteric capsules have extensive market precedence for use in providing enteric protection. ​

  • Coni-Snap® Sprinkle capsule

    Product Coni-Snap® Sprinkle capsule

    Designed to be easily opened by patients and caregivers, these capsules are ideal for pediatric and geriatric populations. Available in gelatin and HPMC.​
  • Press-Fit® Enrobing Technology

    Product Press-Fit® Enrobing Technology

    Press-Fit® Gelcaps utilize a Capsugel®  technology that is difficult to mimic and enables brands to create a new product look without having to reformulate their product. Flexible gelcaps are stretched around a caplet of specified shape and dimension using a patented cold-shrink process.
  • Zephyr(TM) DPI Delivery Solution

    Product Zephyr(TM) DPI Delivery Solution

    Custom inner surface properties, customized moisture levels and more stringent microbial limits all designed to optimize inhalant end-product performance. Available in gelatin, gelatin-PEG, Capsugel® Vcaps® and Capsugel® Vcaps® Plus.
  • Coni-Snap® Sigma Series Hard Gelatin capsule

    Product Coni-Snap® Sigma Series Hard Gelatin capsule

    Hard capsules that meet the tightest requirements for visual and print quality though the combination of process control and on-line inspection technology.
  • Vcaps® Plus HPMC capsule

    Product Vcaps® Plus HPMC capsule

    An immediate-release HPMC capsule, without gelling agents. Vcaps® Plus capsules offer excellent dissolution profile with pH-independent performance, standard or low-moisture content, great machinability and visual quality. Also available in TiO2 free and with food colorants.
  • Coni-Snap® Hard Gelatin capsule

    Product Coni-Snap® Hard Gelatin capsule

    The reliable and outstanding performance of Coni-Snap® hard gelatin capsules has made them a product of choice for biopharmaceutical companies since their unique locking closure was introduced. Designed and engineered to perform, they are a reliable and widely used capsule.
  • Colorista® capsule

    Product Colorista® capsule

    An optimized tool for formulation development enabling compatibility studies before deciding on the final color for the commercial drug products. Available in gelatin and HPMC.​
  • UC-II® undenatured type II collagen ingredient

    Product UC-II® undenatured type II collagen ingredient

    The global population continues to age, however mobility is no longer just a concern that affects seniors; consumers across the generations are now looking for efficacious products to promote aging well and support peak physical perfomance. Healthy joints play a pivotal role in protecting mobility as we get older and ensuring recovery after exercise. Backed by three published clinical trials, Lonza’s UC-II® undenatured type II collagen ingredient has been shown to support joint comfort, flexibility and mobility. The ingredient can also be combined with other ingredients such as vitamins C, D and K2, manganese and copper for additional joint and bone health benefits. 

  • Lonza Engine(TM) Equipment portfolio

    Product Lonza Engine(TM) Equipment portfolio

    Lonza Engine™ offers state-of-the-art equipment designed to address the needs of customers throughout the entire drug development process including:  ​  ​

    ·         Liquid-filled hard capsules filling and sealing equipment: support for lipid-based formulations to improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds. ​  
    ·         Powder micro-dosing: precise filling of capsules without excipients or bulking agents.  
    ·         A partnership with a market leader in capsule and dosage form technologies.  

    A comprehensive full equipment line with offerings for bioavailability enhancement, clinical development, small batches, and commercial capsule filling

  • DBcaps® capsule

    Product DBcaps® capsule

    DBcaps® capsules were developed with a tamper-evident design to specifically address the clinical trial challenges of testing without bias. The wider diameter of opaque DBcaps® allows containment and blinding of large-diameter or uniquely-shaped tablets or other comparator products, while their shorter length makes them easier to swallow. Available in gelatin and HPMC.