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Exhibitor at CPHI Barcelona 2023 stand 2P19, Finished Dosage Formulations
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Milsing is Croatia-based company specialized in development of healthcare products. Working on research, development, production, distribution, marketing, and sales, Milsing creates value for its customers and partners worldwide by introducing innovative, premium-quality products, backed by science. Our specialty are innovative dosage formats – chocolate supplements and soft chews. 

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  • 2016
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CPHI Barcelona 2023
  • 24-26 October 2023
  • Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain
  • Visit us at stand 2P19, Finished Dosage Formulations

Products Featured at CPHI Barcelona 2023

  • Biorela® Choco

    Product Biorela® Choco

    Biorela® Choco is clinically proven probiotic developed into chocolate bites. Biorela® Choco boosts immune health, relieves constipation, eases stomach discomfort and restores intestinal microbiota, and can be a great addition to existing probiotic brands.   www.chocowise.com
  • Biorela® Choco Immuno Kids

    Product Biorela® Choco Immuno Kids

    Biorela® Choco Immuno Kids is a targeted formula for complete immunity protection. Top clinically tested ingredients such as yeast beta-glucans and probiotic bifidobacteria along with indispensable zinc and vitamin D help to boost immunity, strengthen body’s natural defenses, increase resistance to pat...
  • Biorela® Choco Multi Life

    Product Biorela® Choco Multi Life

    Biorela® Choco Multi Life is a unique food supplement for adults in the form of delicious dark chocolate bites. Each bite provides 12 vitamins and iron for everyday protection and adult well-being, coenzyme Q10 for energy production, polyphenols and vitamin B1 for cardiovascular health, and proven prob...
  • Biorela® Choco Multi Kids

    Product Biorela® Choco Multi Kids

    Biorela® Choco Multi Kids is the ultimate innovation in children’s food supplement category. This unique children’s multivitamin with premium probiotics in a delicious chocolate form helps in a wide range of everyday challenges: it supports immune and digestive health, kids’ healthy growth and developm...
  • Chocowise® Easy Iron

    Product Chocowise® Easy Iron

    Chocowise® Easy Iron is the most delicious iron supplement for women and children. Thanks to characteristics of iron fumarate form on the one side, and the chocolate as the excellent camouflaging matrix on the other side, it provides all benefits of iron supplementation with less chance of experiencing...