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Exhibitor at CPHI Frankfurt 2022 stand 110D52, API
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Probiotical was born in 1985 and has ever since driven the innovation in the probiotics industry. Daughter company of ALCE Microbiologic Laboratory, Italian leader in the production of lactic acid bacteria for the dairy industry, it is the first plant worldwide designed exclusively for the production of probiotic microorganisms for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Probiotical has a very high quality positioning and is partner of globally leading pharmaceutical companies.

We offer a very broad portfolio of scientifically-backed probiotic bacteria as allergen-free lyophilized and microencapsulated raw materials, but also dedicate special attention to probiotic finished products with guaranteed stability and efficacy during all the shelf life. Finished products are proposed both under our own brands or for private label food supplements, in over 20 different functionalities: : Gastroenterology - Immunology - Dermatology - Anti-aging - Cardiology/Metabolism - Dietetics - Gynecology -...

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CPHI Frankfurt 2022
  • 1-3 November 2022
  • Messe Frankfurt, Germany
  • Visit us at stand 110D52, API

Products Featured at CPHI Frankfurt 2022

  • Bifizen® Range

    Product Bifizen® Range

    BIFIZEN® is a probiotic blend to reduce depressive mood state, fatigue and anger and improve the quality of sleep and of mood state in healthy individuals.
  • Bifizen®

    Product Bifizen®

    GABA Production
    Mood improvement

  • Bifizen®Kids

    Product Bifizen®Kids

    BIFIZEN® Kids is a natural, probiotic-based solution for Kids mental and cognitive
  • Bifidigest®

    Product Bifidigest®

    Bifidigest® is a probiotic product specifically designed for rebalancing intestinal microflora and support healthy digestion.

  • Bifiasthm®

    Product Bifiasthm®

    Bifiasthm is a probiotic product proposed for children with asthma, in order to prevent asthmatic crises and support the balance of the immune system reactivitity. Bifiasthm is based on B. breve B632 and L. salivarius LS01, two strains with immunomodulatory activity targeted for allergic asthmatic subject...