Exhibitor at CPHI Barcelona 2023 stand 1K60, Finished Dosage Formulations
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Lo.Li. Pharma specializes in out-licensing innovative food supplements and medical devices. Our portfolio of high market potential products are supported by clinical research and testing. We provide exceptional service and support so our partners can focus on selling safe, effective products. Our areas of focus include gynecology, obstetrics, infertility, endocrinology, urology, and more. We seek global partners who share our values and are interested in distributing our products.

Committed to Quality We are proud of our "Made in Italy" values and our commitment to quality (ISO 9001 certified). We have been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Italy. With over 20 years of experience, our products are available in over 60 countries worldwide. We believe in long-term partnerships driven by innovation, communication, respect, and the desire to be the best.

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CPHI Barcelona 2023
  • 24-26 October 2023
  • Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain
  • Visit us at stand 1K60, Finished Dosage Formulations

Products Featured at CPHI Barcelona 2023

  • Inofolic® HP

    Product Inofolic® HP

    A totally safe dietary supplement for PCOS women, women seeking pregnancy and gestational diabetes prevention.
    • Clinical Trials: Efficacy of the product line is supported by 60+ international clinical trials in more than 5,000 patients. Many published studies have demonstrated efficacy in improving me...
  • Aleract®

    Product Aleract®

    Aleract® is a dietary supplement to prevent miscarriage and preterm labor. • Clinical trials: Four clinical studies demonstrate its efficacy and safety. Efficacy outcomes include its ability to reduce subchorionic hematoma (one of the main causes of miscarriage and preterm labor) and safety in over 600 pre...
  • Aleract® HA

    Product Aleract® HA

    Aleract® HA is a dietary supplement to prevent miscarriage and preterm labor. • Clinical trials: Four ongoing clinical studies including both safety and efficacy studies.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets

    Contact us for other info or to get the full portfolio.
  • Aleract ® Vaginal Caps

    Product Aleract ® Vaginal Caps

    Aleract® is a medical device class IIA to manage signs andsymptoms of miscarriage and preterm labor. • Clinical trials: Three clinical studies demonstrate improvement in signs and symptoms associated with the threat of miscarriage or preterm labor (in the acute phase). One pre-clinical trial demonstra...
  • Tiroxil® 4.0

    Product Tiroxil® 4.0

    Dietary supplement for subclinical hypothyroidism, with or without Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. • Clinical trials: Eight clinical studies show, among other results, TSH reduction and autoimmunity control after 6 months of treatment. Numerous in-vitro studies on the molecules further support scientific bac...
  • Tiroxil ® 0.4

    Product Tiroxil ® 0.4

    Dietary supplement for sub-clinical hyperthyroidism, with or without Grave’s disease
    • Clinical trials: One clinical trial demonstrates the effectiveness in reducing symptoms and improving quality of life of patients with subclinical hyperthyroidism. One clinical trial is ongoing which is asse...
  • Delphys®

    Product Delphys®

    Dietary Supplement for Uterine Fibroids management.
    • Clinical trials: Clinical efficacy is supported by 6 published clinical trials, which demonstrate a statistically significant reduction in fibroid volume and related symptoms, with a relevant improvement in quality of life. Two clinical tri...
  • Delphys ® Plus

    Product Delphys ® Plus

    Dietary Supplement for the managementof Uterine Fibroids > 5cm3
    • Clinical trials: There are a number of published case studies and three ongoing clinical trials evaluating the safety and efficacy in the management of larger uterine fibroids. • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets

  • Deplesin® 80:1

    Product Deplesin® 80:1

    Dietary supplement to manage sideeffects associated with pharmacologicaltreatment for Bipolar Disorder. • Pharmaceutical form: Sachets

    • Clinical trials: +10 studies demonstrate the effectiveness of main components in the management of side effects associated with Bipo...
  • Pervistop ®

    Product Pervistop ®

    Oral food supplement specifically designed to manage persisten HPV
    • EGCG: inhibits the growth and promotes the elimination of HPV-infected cells • Hyaluronic Acid: contributes to tissue regeneration and repair • Folic Acid and Vit.B12: prevent the formation of virus-induced lesions
  • Andrositol ®

    Product Andrositol ®

    Dietary supplement to improve male fertilityin OAT patients and in idiopathic infertility. • Pharmaceutical form: Sachets

    • Clinical trials: Clinical efficacy o the components is demonstrated in seven clinical trials. Several in vitro studies support efficacy by e...
  • Andrositol Plus ®

    Product Andrositol Plus ®

    Dietary supplement to improve male fertilityin OAT patients with semen hyperviscosity. • Pharmaceutical form: Sachets

    • Clinical trials: Efficacy is boosted in Andrositol® PLUS formulation with the addition of N-acetyl-Lcysteine and many studies de...
  • Biguanelle ® Gel

    Product Biguanelle ® Gel

    Medical Device for externalgenital infections. • Pharmaceutical form: Dermatological Gel

    • Clinical trials: A large clinical trial proves efficacy on external genital warts in men and women. Contact us for other info or to get the full portfolio
  • Biguanelle ® Solution

    Product Biguanelle ® Solution

    Medical device for vaginal infections.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Vaginal solution with cannula

    • Clinical trials: Six clinical trials demonstrate its efficacy in clearing bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis and HPV infections. Two trials prove equivalent efficacy to g...
  • Biguanelle ® Vaginal Suppositories

    Product Biguanelle ® Vaginal Suppositories

    Medical device for recurrent and/orpersistent vaginal infections • Pharmaceutical form: Vaginal suppositories

    • Clinical trials: One clinical trial demonstrates its efficacy and safety in preventing bacterial vaginosis after surgical treatment for cervical intra-epithel...
  • Emogut ®

    Product Emogut ®

    Dietary supplement for iron deficiencyanemia prevention.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets

    • Clinical trials: Many studies demonstrate the increase of iron absorption and the high safety profile of the molecules.
    Contact us for other info or to get the full portf...
  • Emogut ® Forte

    Product Emogut ® Forte

    Dietary supplement for overt irondeficiency anemia. • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets

    • Clinical trials: One prospective, double-blind, randomized controlled trial demonstrated restoration of the physiological iron status in women with functional menometrorrhagia, without ...
  • Eumastos ® Gel

    Product Eumastos ® Gel

    Medical device class IIA for cyclic mastalgia management.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Gel sachets

    • Clinical trials: One randomized clinical trial demonstrates the efficacy in reducing painful cyclic symptoms, improving the quality of life of patients. One double-...
  • Eumastos®

    Product Eumastos®

    Dietary Supplement for benign breastdisease management.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Hard capsules

    • Clinical trials: Three clinical studies prove its efficacy. One clinical trial demonstrates a significant improvement in non-cyclic mastalgia. One clinical trial shows a r...
  • Ialos ®

    Product Ialos ®

    Dietary Supplement to restore tissueintegrity and functionality. • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets

    • Clinical trials: Three clinical trials demonstrate its ability to improve vaginal epithelium and reduce itching and dyspareunia in postmenopausal women with vaginal atrophy. One of these...
  • Santes ®

    Product Santes ®

    Medical device class IIA for vaginalaffections treatment and prevention. • Pharmaceutical form: Vaginal suppositories

    • Clinical trials: Five clinical trials and one systemic review confirm safety and efficacy. One of the clinical studies demonstrates the improvement in v...
  • Inofolic ® & Inofolic ® HP

    Product Inofolic ® & Inofolic ® HP

    A breakthrough in the managementof PCOS and female infertility
    • Pharmaceutical form: Sachets | Soft-gel caps • Clinical trials: Efficacy of the product line is supported by 60+ international clinical trials in more than 5000 patients. Many published studies demonstrate efficacy in imp...
  • Inofolic® Combi and Combi HP

    Product Inofolic® Combi and Combi HP

    40:1 The Perfect BalanceA High Performance dietary supplement for the managementof PCOS, especially in overweight and obese women. • Pharmaceutical form: Soft-gel caps • Clinical trials: The efficacy of this innovative formulation, with the ideal ratio of myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol has be...
  • Inofolic® Combi HP

    Product Inofolic® Combi HP

    - Dietary supplement for PCOS management,especially in overweight and obese women.- Pharmaceutical form: soft gel caps.- The innovative formulation efficacy has been confirmed by clinical trials, recent sophisticated in vitro study and reviews published on high Impact Factor scientific journals.
    - Inter...
  • Inofolic® Luteal

    Product Inofolic® Luteal

    Dietary supplement for women to enhance implantation rate,improving endometrial receptivity. It supports the correct evolutionof gestation, especially in the first trimester.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Soft-gel caps • Clinical trials: Two published clinical trials support safety and effica...
  • Inofolic® Plus

    Product Inofolic® Plus

    For women seeking pregnancy or undergoingAssisted Reproductive Technology (ART)Dietary supplement for women to improve oocyte and embryo quality.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Soft-gel caps • Clinical trials: Clinical efficacy is demonstrated in 4 clinical trials and confirmed in a number o...
  • Tecadriol ® 300 & Tecadriol ® 600

    Product Tecadriol ® 300 & Tecadriol ® 600

    Male and female hormonal balance
    Dietary Supplements to balance testosterone and estradiollevels, in men and women, anytime they appear altered. • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets • Clinical trials: Two published clinical trials demonstrate the ability to increase testosterone levels in both yo...
  • Tiroxil ® D

    Product Tiroxil ® D

    A healthy thyroid for the 50+ generationDietary supplement to support thyroid function in people over 50 years old.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets • Clinical trials: Strong scientific background supports inclusion of vitamin D to the Tiroxil 4.0 formulation to support patients over 50....
  • Iodact ®

    Product Iodact ®

    A targeted solution for iodine deficiency
    Dietary supplement for faster improvement of iodine deficiency.
    • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets • Clinical trials: Strong scientific background supports the pivotal role of the components on the physiological production of thyroid hormo...
  • Xyminal ®

    Product Xyminal ®

    A novel approach for couples with infertility
    Medical Device class IIA for couples with male factoror idiopathic infertility. • Pharmaceutical form: Vaginal suppositories • Clinical trials: Strong scientific background and numerous in vitro trials support efficacy in the vaginal env...
  • Zoyphen ® NRT

    Product Zoyphen ® NRT

    Natural Replacement Therapy (NRT) to manage menopausal changes.
    Dietary Supplement for management of climacteric symptomsand control of menopausal dysmetabolic changes. • Pharmaceutical form: Sachets • Clinical trials: Strong scientific background demonstrates efficacy of each compone...
  • Zyxelle ® & Zyxelle ® Plus

    Product Zyxelle ® & Zyxelle ® Plus

    The pill for the pill.Dietary supplements to reduce hormonal contraceptive pillside-effects and improve therapy compliance. • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets • Clinical trials: One clinical study demonstrates the reduction of cellulitis, leg swelling, breast tenderness, extracellular body water, ...
  • Eudiamet ® 40:1

    Product Eudiamet ® 40:1

    Prevention is always easier than treatment
    Dietary Supplement to prevent metabolic disease in subjects overweight,obese, and with mild dysmetabolism. • Pharmaceutical form: Tablets • Clinical trials: Several studies on the molecules confirm the improvement in insulin sensitivity and i...