9 nov 2021
CPhI Worldwide 2021
CycloLab Ltd.

CycloLab Ltd.

Exhibitor at CPhI Worldwide 2021 stand 7H47

About us

CycloLab as an SME focusing on cyclodextrin research and development for over 30 years. We are working in the fields of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry and analytical applications of cyclodextrins.

CycloLab has four main activities:

1. Production of sulfobutylether beta-cyclodextrin (SBECD, Dexolve) in multiple ton scale under cGMP  based on an FDA-approved DMF as a potent general solubilizer and stabilizer, compatible with all administration forms.

2. CycloLab as a CRO for cyclodextrin related services:
• development of products (pharma, cosmetic, food,) – formulation development, optimization, characterization, in vitro bioequivalence studies.
• offering custom synthesis of cyclodextrins, fine-tailored for certain guest molecules or purposes,
• performing (sub)pilot-scale cGMP compliant manufacturing of cyclodextrins to be used as APIs or excipients in clinical studies or cyclodextrin enabled formulations for the same purpose
• all analytical tasks related to the above, under GMP (method development, validation, stability studies for formulation ingredients (APIs, cyclodextrins) and final products as well. In this aspect, we are deeply engaged with Sugammadex as well.

3. CycloLab offers the widest variety of cyclodextrins in various grades (pharma, standard, fine chemical) for various purposes (research, analytics, cell cultures, formulation studies, etc). Besides "regular" derivatives, we always develop specials: like maltooligomers, polymers or fluorescent-tagged products and Sugammadex related compounds.

4. As an R&D company, we develop next generation proprietary cyclodextrins and explore potential applications as well. These are focused in new areas like protein stabilization and non-viral gene delivery, fermentation and enzymatic processes, serum free culture media, creating selective and targeted drug delivery sytems.

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CycloLab Ltd.

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CPhI Worldwide 2021

9-11 November 2021 Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy Visit us at stand 7H47