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Exhibitor at CPhI Worldwide 2021 stand 2C72, Analytical & Lab Zone
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Mérieux NutriSciences is a valued partner to the global healthcare industry, offering research, development and quality control testing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. 
From active ingredients to finished products, we offer a complete spectrum of analytical and research services for medicinal products and medical devices. Our services include safety and quality control, development and validation of analytical methods, and bioanalytical testing.
Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories offer comprehensive testing services according to the current pharmacopoeia. We also provide tailored solutions according to customer specifications.

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CPhI Worldwide 2021
  • 9-11 November 2021
  • Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy
  • Visit us at stand 2C72, Analytical & Lab Zone

Products Featured at CPhI Worldwide 2021

  • Extactables & Leachables studies

    Product Extactables & Leachables studies

    Extractables & Leachables studies in pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices.

    Mérieux NutriSciences performs Extractables and Leachables studies providing a full integrated testing strategy together with toxicological assessment and risk analysis, taking advantage from more than 20 years’ experience developed in food contact materials, medical devices and containers for pharmaceutical products.

    Download our flyerhttps://www.merieuxnutrisciences.com/eu/sites/merieux_nutrisciences_en/files/atoms/files/mxns_extractablesleachables_fl2519_0_eng_web.pdf

  • MXNS Medical Device services

    Product MXNS Medical Device services

    Thanks to a valuable pool of experts, Mérieux NutriSciences supports you in the development of the testing plan to determine which studies are necessary to ensure that the device is safe and effective, meeting the essential requirements for affixing the CE mark on the product.
    Download our brochure
  • MXNS Pharma Services

    Product MXNS Pharma Services

    Our services include:
    • Quality control> Safety
    • R&D and validation activities
    • Clinical research
    • Stability & storage
    Download our brochurehttps://www.merieuxnutrisciences.com/eu/sites/merieux_nutrisciences_en/files/atoms/files/mxns_pharmaservices_br0716_1_eng_web.pdf
  • Foreign Particles

    Product Foreign Particles

    Mérieux NutriSciences has developed various strategies and complementary approaches for the identification of foreign visible and subvisible particles, thanks to sophisticated instrumentations combined with a pool of experts in different fields.
  • Viral clearance studies

    Product Viral clearance studies

    Viral Clearance: ensure the safety of biopharmaceuticals and medical devices for human use.

    Viral clearance studies are required to assess the safety of biopharmaceuticals, such as blood products, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, tissue derived products, and medical devices prior to entering clinical trials and ahead of commercial launch.

    Download our brochurehttps://www.merieuxnutrisciences.com/eu/sites/merieux_nutrisciences_en/files/atoms/files/merieux_nutrisciences_viral_clearance.pdf