Aurora Biofarma

Exhibitor at CPHI Barcelona 2023 stand 1K70, Finished Dosage Formulations
About Us

Aurora Biofarma is an italian pharmaceutical company specialized in research and distribution of drugs, medical devices and supplements for humans and pets.

Since 2010, Aurora has become a consolidated reality in Italy, but our horizon is wider.

Our goal is to increase our presence abroad, expanding our products’ awareness. At the same time, we’re always looking for the best suppliers of raw material and finished products, to guarantee to our patients increasingly innovative solutions.

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  • 2022
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Company types
Pharmaceutical company
Veterinary Company
Primary activities
Animal Health
End-product distributor (Wholesale)
Medical Devices
Pharmaceutical Company (innovator finished products)
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Event information
CPHI Barcelona 2023
  • 24-26 October 2023
  • Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain
  • Visit us at stand 1K70, Finished Dosage Formulations

Products Featured at CPHI Barcelona 2023


    Product MARIAL

    MARIAL is a medical device for the treatment of gastroesophageal and laryngopharyngeal reflux disease.
    Thanks to its innovative composition MARIAL protects damaged mucous membranes and stops reflux with a dual mechanism of action: it films and protects the mucous membranes and it blocks ...

    Product ABINCOL

    ABINCOL is a food supplement whose composition is based on probiotic lactic ferments useful for restoring and maintaining the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora.

    Pack and mode of use:
    The package contains 20 buccal sticks and the recommended dosage is 1 stick per day, preferably...

    Product ABIVISOR

    ABIVISOR is a food supplement whose composition based on probiotic lactic ferments promotes the balance of the gastro-intestinal flora.

    Thanks to its formulation, Abivisor is particularly suitable for subjects in whom altered gastric acidity can cause greater bacterial growth at the gastro-intes...

    Product BRONCALT

    BRONCALT is a medical device for the treatment of symptoms related to inflammation of the respiratory tract. Thanks to the synergy of its natural components, it improves all the symptoms of respiratory inflammation with an effective and safe action.
    Pack and mode of use: BRONCALT – 10 vials of ...