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15 Apr 2013

61% of doctors agree branded drug therapies could reduce cost of patient care, survey finds

A survey has shed light on some physcicians' attitudes to pharmaceutical companies.

Almost two-thirds (61 per cent) of doctors agree or strongly agree that branded drug therapies could help reduce the overall cost of patient care when used appropriately.
The survey of 200 doctors from accountable care organisations (ACOs) also revealed 37 per cent agreed or strongly agreed that pharmaceutical companies had the capabilities to reduce the total cost of care and improve patient outcomes.
According to Mark Mozeson, a partner at Oliver Wyman, drug spend is not considered in most contracts between ACOs and payers.
However, he suggested many in the industry believe this will change and if it does, drug makers may be able to move away from negotiating unit price and finalise contracts based on outcomes and the ability to manage total disease costs.
Peter Gilmore, a partner at Oliver Wyman and co-director of the study, explained that pharmaceutical companies had an image problem as they provided data to payers and providers on how their drugs compared to the standard of care.
He added: "They haven't given their customers what they wanted: true evidence on how their drugs optimise total disease costs. That needs to change."


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