30 Aug 2023

Delivering on the Promise of Bispecifics: Antibody Development

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A breakthrough approach to bispecific production via streamlined workflow; cell line development to GMP manufacturing.

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    This year at CPHI Barcelona (24–26 October, 2023) we sat down with C-suite executives and HR professionals to discuss the looming talent crisis in the pharmaceutical industry. With hybrid working persisting post-pandemic and a growing skills gap, how can the pharmaceutical supply chain adjust to a changing labour force? 
  • Whitepaper Navigating a New Standard in Microbial Protein Expression

    An ideal therapeutic protein “factory” creates a pure target product with high titers from the start, which can minimize development risk, timelines, and cost. E. coli has long been implemented as a therapeutic protein factory due to its simplicity, tractability, and wealth of information characterizing the microbe.

    While common E. coli expression strains alter as many as five genes to improve one aspect of recombinant protein expression, KBI has created a platform E. coli with about 1,000 genes altered and roughly 1 Mbp of DNA removed. The result is a PURE, efficient platform expression strain—PUREcoli™.

  • News Aaron Pilling Discusses the KBI PUREplatform Launch

    KBI's PUREplatform™  is a game-changing microbial expression offering that redefines biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

    Hear from Aaron Pilling, Ph.D., Senior Director of Process Development, as he discusses the KBI PUREplatform, a premium microbial CLD platform that delivers unmatched efficiencies. 
  • Video Titration Curve Modeling in Bioassay Potency Method Development

    In the contract laboratory environment, the time constraint is ever-present and works against both the contract lab and the client or sponsor. This is especially true for the cell-based potency testing teams, where the assays have an infinite number of variables ranging from optimal growth conditions to the generation of the ideal titration curve to accurately measure any effect on the targeted mechanism of action. To overcome this ever-present hurdle, the Cell-Based Assay Team at KBI utilizes a titration curve modeling tool to effectively predict the cellular response to an agonist or antagonist.
  • News Executive Team - About KBI & Selexis Operational Consolidation

    Hear from our parent company JSR Life Sciences and our executive team about the operational consolidation of KBI and Selexis as one organization. Get their perspective on how this brings us one step further on the path of becoming the icon of next-generation CDMOs and how the benefits translates for our partners.
  • Webinar BsAbs purification with affinity capture and mix-mode chromatography

    Watch the webinar to see how KBI Biopharma and JSR Life Sciences have developed processes for the purification of bispecific antibodies using Amsphere™ A3 affinity chromatography followed by two polishing steps to eliminate undesirable homodimers and other impurities.
    In this webinar, we discuss bispecifics purification, including:- Challenges of bispecifics purification
    - Protein A affinity capture chromatography design
    - Comparison of Protein A resin and alternative affinity capture resin for bispecifics
    - Mixed-mode Chromatography design for bispecifics
  • News KBI Strengthens Leadership With Executive Appointments

    KBI announces four recent executive appointments to continue its momentum and vision of becoming a next-generation CDMO. Joining the company are Tony Fraij, COO; Shaguna Seth, Chief of Staff and Global PMO Leader; Katie Edgar, SVP of Corporate Strategy and Alliance Management; and Sarah Wakefield, SVP, Corporate Communications.
  • News Unveiling KBI PUREplatform™, a Game-Changing Microbial Offering

    KBI announced the launch of KBI PUREplatform™, a premium microbial cell line development platform that features unmatched efficiencies for biopharmaceutical production. A culmination of decades of expertise, the platform addresses challenges, empowering customers to bring products to market cheaper and easier.
  • Webinar Streamlined Development and Production of Bispecific Antibodies

    There is a global need for high quality, effective off-the-shelf therapies that can be used immediately, while concurrently avoiding supply chain issues and mitigating process complexities. Bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) are constructed to help meet this need due to their ability to bind to two or more different epitopes, thereby allowing them to perform multiple discrete mechanisms of action.

    This webinar will demonstrate a breakthrough platform approach that encompasses the efficient production of bispecific molecules in an integrated, streamlined way, from CLD (cell line development) to cGMP manufacturing. The leverageable integrated workflow from KBI Biopharma and Selexis generates high quality clinical bulk drug substances under accelerated timelines.

  • News KBI Appoints Marykay Marchigiani CFO and Sigma Mostafa, Ph.D., CSO

    Durham, North Carolina (May 10, 2023)  – KBI, a JSR Life Sciences company, today announced the appointment of Marykay Marchigiani as Chief Financial Officer and Sigma Mostafa, Ph.D., as Chief Scientific Officer. The additions will allow KBI to fulfill its growth strategy of becoming a next-generation CDMO.
  • Webinar Development of Protein A Continuous Chromatography

    In this Webinar, KBI Biopharma, in collaboration with JSR Life Sciences, introduces a hybrid approach to multicolumn continuous chromatography (MCC) that converts the Protein A (ProA) capture chromatography step to a continuous chromatography process, offering many of the advantages of the MCC process while avoiding the challenges associated with connecting process steps.

    Rapid advances in intensifying upstream processes for biologics production to achieve higher titers have left downstream processing as a potential bottleneck in the manufacturing scheme. MCC is an emerging technology that can significantly reduce material costs and time in plant. This mode of chromatography can lead to shorter processing times and improve efficiency as well as productivity compared to a traditional batch process.

    Here, we focus on the conversion of a batch ProA step using Amsphere A3 resin to a 4-column continuous process on a BioSMB system.
  • News KBI Appoints David Stewart Site Head of Durham cGMP Facility

    Stewart has more than two decades of biotech leadership experience and a proven record of delivering best-in-class supply for patients. He will oversee all operations at Patriot Park, Durham, North Carolina, driving deliverables for KBI’s global biopharmaceutical customers.

  • News KBI Geneva Inaugural FIH Batch Released Five Months After Opening

    In late 2022, KBI successfully released its inaugural FIH manufacturing batch in compliance with cGMP standards in its recently expanded Geneva mammalian cell manufacturing facility. This important milestone demonstrates the capabilities of KBI, allowing clients to accelerate clinical research timelines.
  • News KBI Biopharma Announced as 2023 ISPE Facility Finalist

    KBI Biopharma is thrilled to announce that its Patriot Park facility has been named a finalist in the 2023 ISPE Facility Of The Year Aawards (FOYA) in two categories: operations and pharma 4.0
  • News Subcontract with Mapp on Sudan ebolavirus Treatment

    Following the recent Sudan ebolavirus outbreak in Uganda, KBI is providing emergency support through global production efforts.KBI announced it entered into a subcontract with Mapp for the continued development and manufacturing of MBP134, an experimental combination monoclonal antibody treatment for Sudan ebolavirus.
  • News KBI Biopharma and Selexis SA Appoint J.D. Mowery as CEO

    KBI Biopharma and Selexis, announced in April 2023 the appointment of J.D. Mowery as CEO. Widely respected as an innovative biotech leader with a nearly 25-year track record of successfully inspiring colleagues and building organizations, J.D. will lead KBI and Selexis into becoming a leader in the next CDMO generation.
  • News Streamlined Development for Efficient Production of Bispecific Molecules: Connect to Frankfurt on-demand

    In this Connect to Frankfurt session, Séverine Fagète, VP, Cell Line Development Services at Selexis (Geneva, Switzerland), and Brandon Brino (Durham, USA), Process Development Scientist and Group Leader at KBI Biopharma, present an overview of a streamlined process for the production of bispecific molecules.