18 Jan 2022

Placing drug strategies CDMO

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A review of the market dynamics and drug development trends driving strategic outsourcing decisions.

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    For 40 years Pfizer CentreOne has been guiding drug projects to success. Here’s how our services make us an altogether different kind of CDMO: 
  • Brochure Pfizer CentreOne Contract Manufacturing- General Capabilities

    Welcome to Pfizer CentreOne. We’re a global CDMO embedded within Pfizer and a leading supplier of specialty APIs. Working with our customers, we combine our technical and commercial knowledge with open dialogue to solve challenges – we call this intelligent collaboration.
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    Partner with creative scientists and problem-solvers dedicated to making your drug development journey a success. 
  • Brochure Pfizer CentreOne Contract Manufacturing- Development Services

    Welcome to Pfizer CentreOne. We have a global network ready to deliver end-to-end analytical and manufacturing expertise. Collaborating with you, we can help take your molecule all the way from early clinical phases through commercial manufacture and lifecycle management.
  • Sponsored Content HPAPI risk management: Key considerations

    Understanding the complexity of HPAPI transfers is critical to successful commercialization. How should CDMO partnerships approach the challenges of HPAPI technology transfer to reach patients successfully? Kieran Coffey, Technical Services Lead at Pfizer CentreOne, discusses key considerations on this critical collaboration.

  • Brochure Pfizer CentreOne Contract Manufacturing- Large Molecule Biologics

    Pfizer has the experience of taking molecules from lab to patient. Over the years we’ve learned invaluable lessons in the development of biologics and share our project management experience to support our customers’ drug strategies. Backed by Pfizer resources, we deliver technical expertise, global regulatory support and long-term supply.
  • News Pfizer-BioNTech shot becomes first COVID-19 vaccine to gain full FDA approval

    Pfizer and BioNTech’s shot on Monday became the first COVID-19 vaccine to be granted full approval by the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • Brochure Pfizer CentreOne Contract Manufacturing - Oral Solid Dose

    Pfizer CentreOne excels in the manufacture of specialty oral solid dosage forms. You can count on our devotion to you and your drug, backed by the quality of Pfizer. With Pfizer CentreOne contract manufacturing, you have our dedicated team by your side and a world of Pfizer resources at your back. The expertise you need. The attention you deserve.
  • News EU secures additional 100 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for 2021 delivery

    Extra supply will bring total number of doses scheduled to be shipped to EU this year to 600 million
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    Pfizer CentreOne recently introduced Enviero Progesterone, a new green-chemistry progesterone API. It's a first-of-its-kind progesterone synthesis that reduces impact to the environment.
  • News Pfizer to sell Chinese biologics manufacturing facility to WuXi

    Multinational makes ‘difficult decision’ to halt presence in Chinese biosimilars market five years after $350 million investment
  • Brochure Pfizer CentreOne Contract Manufacturing - APIs & Intermediates

    Pfizer CentreOne has been a leading provider of specialty APIs for more than 40 years. We manufacture a specific segment of complex compounds: cortico- and hormonal steroids, prostaglandins, and antibiotics.
  • News UK approves Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19

    Distribution of vaccine to start as early as next week after MHRA grants temporary emergency use authorisation to mRNA candidate
  • Brochure Pfizer CentreOne Contract Manufacturing - Sterile Injectables

    We are a global lead in sterile injectables fill-finish. Count on us to carefully guide your compound from development through launch.With Pfizer CentreOne contract manufacturing, you have our dedicated team by your side and a world of Pfizer resources at your back. The expertise you need. The attention you deserve.
  • News Pfizer and BioNTech COVID vaccine proves 90% effective

    Results from a Phase III clinical study found Pfizer and BioNTech's mRNA-based vaccine candidate, BNT162b2, is more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 in participants without evidence of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection, the companies announced Monday.
  • Brochure Pfizer CentreOne Contract Manufacturing - Small Molecule API

    We specialize in small-molecule API synthesis. We can perform almost any kind of chemistry you need. You can rely on us for high-quality API synthesis, from process development through long-term supply. With Pfizer CentreOne contract manufacturing, you have our dedicated team by your side and a world of Pfizer resources at your back. The expertise you need. The attention you deserve.
  • News CPHI Webinar Series - Key Trends in Contract Manufacturing

    Growing demand for pharma and biotech outsourcing presents a tremendous opportunity for CDMOs, but the impact of COVID-19 adds to a growing list of considerations for finding the right commercial partners to deliver critical medicines.  A recent CPHI webinar sponsored by Pfizer CentreOne sheds light on the latest trends in both the large and small molecule CDMO space
  • Brochure Technology Transfers- A Beginner's Guide

    Pharmaceutical developers are increasingly relying on external manufacturing partners for expertise to develop and commercialize their products. In fact, contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) now process and manufacture approximately 28 percent of the world’s prescription and non-prescription drugs.
  • News Oral Solid Dose Regulatory Hurdles and How to Approach Them

    In your quest to meet the regulatory requirements for your oral solids project, you may encounter significant hurdles. Anticipating these early on and thoroughly planning your approach can help. Experts in the Pfizer CentreOne global network, Gillian Miller, Process Analytical Technology and Data Analytics Lead and Beth Kendsersky, Global Regulatory Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) Lead, discuss common regulatory challenges and how to approach them.
  • Brochure Regulatory Overview Guide

    Innovation, compliance and agility are guiding regulatory approaches across the globe. They might have important implications for your drug program.
  • News Guiding customers through drug development challenges with intelligent collaboration

    Taking on the role as General Manager of Pfizer CentreOne, JoyL Silva leads Pfizer’s embedded contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). JoyL brings a wide range of commercial, strategy, and business leadership experience spanning her 20-year career at Pfizer.
  • Brochure 8 Misconceptions About Embedded CDMOs

    Can collaborating with an embedded CDMO like Pfizer CentreOne benefit my drug program?
    Yes, it can. You may have a few misconceptions about the embedded model so let’s have a look at those and how they align with our Pfizer values – courage, excellence, equity and joy.
  • Whitepaper Small Molecule APIs: Aligning Drug Strategy with Partnering Strategy

    Getting drugs to market faster and more economically is prompting new drug product development strategies to support better business and patient outcomes. Development of critical drug substances, particularly novel small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), is now being turned over to outsourced partners who have become the integral, primary drivers of the product’s overall development and go-to-market strategy.
  • Whitepaper How successful CDMO collaboration sets the foundation for sterile injectable product success

    In the realm of Sterile Injectables (SI), sponsors come in a variety of sizes and with a range of experience levels. The oncology segment, which will drive much of the growth in the SI market (expected CAGR of 9.1%) in the coming years, is the focus of many drug developers with significant differences when it comes to history, footprint and experience.1 The same is true for contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) and the dynamics of these outsourcing relationships have a huge influence on project success. CDMOs work with all types of sponsors, from small, emerging, sometimes virtual companies, to large biotech and pharma companies. To accommodate such variety, CDMOs must make every possible effort to customize their operations to the sponsor’s product technical needs without compromising quality or safety. The two mottos, “Right the First Time” and “No Cutting Corners Allowed” are pillars for a CDMO.

    In this white paper, we discuss how a small or medium-sized biotech or pharma company can benefit from the experience and assistance provided by a CDMO.
  • Video Key Trends in Contract Manufacturing

    As more and more pharma companies look to contract manufacturers for technical expertise, commercial knowledge and specialized technologies to bring their products to market, the CDMO market is more crucial than ever before in advancing the pharma industry. In a crowded marketplace, choosing the right manufacturing partner for your product is key. This webinar will examine the latest trends and developments in the large and small molecule CDMO space – from manufacturing complex products at scale, to acquiring talent and technology to future-proof Pharma.
  • Video Pfizer CentreOne Contract Manufacturing- Brand & Capabilities Video

    Listening. Solving. Guiding. 

    Intelligent Collaboration with Pfizer CentreOne
  • Video An overview of the main regulatory issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry

    This panel will provide an update on the pharma regulatory landscape, addressing the following key points: Are current regulatory frameworks ready to support innovation? Balancing opportunities and challenges Novel regulatory pathways and approaches Protecting Trade Secrets in the Medical Product Approval Process Compounding challenges for the (bio)pharmaceutical industry What are the major impacts of new regulations on drug manufacturing? How to handle changes and variations in a changing environment and a Global market This presentation was originally aired as part of the CPHI Festival of Pharma.
  • Video It’s Technology Transfer Gameday, What’s Your Strategy? How are you Getting to Patients Faster while Maintaining Quality?

    In this presentation, three of Pfizer CentreOne’s technology transfer MVPs present the playbook for a project accelerated by the pandemic.

    The team will discuss the vital moments in the project that enabled success at a pace never seen before, including: The value and need for having all parties (SMEs and decision-makers) at the table at every meeting - killing ‘we’ll get back to you’ time! Optimizing and streamlining engineering runs Better batch strategy Orchestration of effort - the need for effective vendor relationships, responsiveness and everyone knowing their role

    For each, we’ll answer:

    What did we use to do? What do we do now, why do we do it that way and how does it expedite timelines? All with the ultimate question in mind: how does this benefit patients?

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  • Video Sustainability: Embedding Responsible Manufacturing Practices across the Pharmaceutical Value Chain

    This webinar originally aired as part of CPHI Discover - 17-28 May 2021 As a science-based health industry, pharmaceutical professionals are always working towards improving human health and well-being. The environmental protection needed as a result of climate emergencies are an essential factor in helping to improve the health and lives of patients. With increasing international support, the climate emergency is in motion and concerns over water consumption, pharmaceuticals in the environment (PiE), antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels have put pharmaceutical manufacturing practices under the spotlight as discussions around the circular economy and carbon targets dominate sustainability milestones outside of the industry. While the drive towards circularity will offer growth opportunities, natural resources efficiencies and the protection of future medicines supply, in one of the worlds most regulated industries, the pharmaceutical industry’s approach to circularity is met with several challenges including the speed of transition to new innovative technologies and the supply chain. Addressing climate emergency’s effect on public health Reuse-Recycle- what role can waste management play in improving secondary raw materials? Aligning goals and collaboration across the value chain Standardizing Sustainability: Industry progresses on setting sustainability standards
  • Webinar Rethinking the supply chain - What are the realities? Who is this really working for?

    Talk of bringing back domestic manufacturing to North America has dominated conversations around pharma manufacturing for years, and have been a key talking point in government post-pandemic recovery plans, but how far have we come and who is this really working for? Asian CDMO’s recognizing the trend for western domestic production are globalizing their operations. Will there be an increase in the Civica Rx business model? This session broadcast was a part of CPHI North America Show
  • Webinar Where's the Sugar?

    In this session, originally broadcast as part of the CPHI North America content programme, Pfizer CentreOne’s presenters, Tom Wilson and Nicole Strauss will take a deep dive into the recipe for supply chain management success in the face of capacity challenges. Solving those challenges revolves around trust; building it, nurturing it and utilizing it. In a way, it’s like having all the ingredients to bake the perfect cake. If you are missing a key ingredient, the whole recipe is in jeopardy. Supply chain issues and logistics can feel startlingly similar. Raw materials, schedules, processes and communication are all key elements, any of which can be thrown off track by missing components or information. Tune in now to understand how to optimise supply chain management.
  • Webinar Proven Framework for Managing Your Outsourcing Partner

    Outsourcing drug manufacturing is a common solution to building manufacturing capacity among drug sponsors. Developing appropriate oversight for CDMO’s is key to a successful product launch. This session will discuss key responsibilities for drug sponsors in overseeing their providers, including which responsibilities can be delegated and when. We will also explore best practices in obtaining optimum performance and adjusting oversight as necessary to reduce overall program risk. This session was broadcast as part of CPHI NA show.
  • Webinar Impact of Supply Chain Challenges on CDMOs and Key Future Trends- Pfizer

    Q&A featuring Raman Sehgal, host of Molecule to Market and Stephanie Watson, Global Strategy and Commercial Planning Lead at Pfizer CentreOne Diving into the biggest challenges the supply chain are currently facing, as well as potential solutions Dissect successful responses and shed light on the future trends we should all be preparing for. This session was broadcast as part of the CPHI North America show.