Abdi İbrahim, the Turkish pharmaceutical industry leader, was founded at a small pharmacy in 1912 in Küçükmustafapaşa, Istanbul, by pharmacist Abdi İbrahim Bey. Abdi İbrahim has the largest product portfolio in the sector, with nearly 200 brands and more than 400 products which it develops itself as well as working with 30 licensors.

With its powerful vision, dynamic structure and contemporary outlook, Abdi İbrahim has been the leader of Turkey’s pharmaceutical industry since 2002. Today, Abdi İbrahim, which operates in 15 countries outside Turkey, exports to more than 60 countries ranging from Canada to European Union member states, from North Africa to Asia, and is the largest employer in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with 4.600 qualified employees. The company also leads with its marketing and sales team, which is the largest in the industry.

Abdi İbrahim, which has the first accredited R&D centre in the industry, is a role model with its technological equipment and architecture as well as its R&D processes for future healthcare.

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  • News Abdi İbrahim's Renewable Energy Drive: Towards a Sustainable Future

    Abdi İbrahim announces plans to use solar and wind energy in all of its facilities from January 1, 2020  onwards

    Abdi İbrahim, the leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, were laid by the pharmacist Abdi İbrahim Bey who initiated the journey of healing by establishing a small pharmacy in 1912 in İstanbul’s Küçükmustafapaşa neighborhood. Today, collaborating with 30 licensors and developing its own products, Abdi İbrahim has the widest product portfolio in the industry with its 200+ brands and 450+ products in chemical Rx, biotechnological and OTC categories.
    Thanks to its strong vision and dynamic structure, Abdi İbrahim has maintained its leadership in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry since 2002. The largest employer in the industry with 4,600 highly qualified employees, the company also stands out with the largest marketing and sales force in the industry.
    At its Istanbul Esenyurt Production Complex, Abdi İbrahim manufactures its own products as well as those of a large number of global pharma companies as a CMO, including chemical Rx, biotechnologicals, hormones, ophthalmic agents and sterile products. Abdi İbrahim's R&D Center is the first accredited pharmaceutical R&D Center in Turkey.
    As an EU-approved GMP facility, the Esenyurt Production Complex holds GMP certificates for Turkey, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Jordan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Tunisia, the Gulf countries and United Arab Emirates.
    Furthermore, the company has R&D Centers and production facilities in Kazakhstan and Algeria.