ACG at CPhI worldwide: showcases a range of foils and HPMC capsules

13 Oct 2017

ACG’s themes this year at CPhI Worldwide are Everything Capsules and Everything Films & Foils. Based on these themes, ACG will be displaying its comprehensive range of market film & foils products as well as an assortment of HPMC capsules.

ACG at CPhI worldwide: showcases a range of foils and HPMC capsules

The Films & Foils business of ACG will launch its new range of products - Child Resistant and Senior Friendly foils-at one of the industry’s biggest global platforms, CPhI Worldwide.

The Child Resistant foil is structured to provide a tighter peel barrier, whereas the Senior Friendly foil ensures easy peeling. ACG’s all-inclusive range of films will include a variety of aluminium foil solutions and specialty packaging films for different applications. The wide range of HPMC capsules will include standard capsules, capsules without gelling agent, capsules for liquid filling, and capsules for dry powder inhalation. All these capsules are designed to meet the functional, cultural and dietary preferences of consumers. ACG’s other popular capsule variants such as hard gelatin capsules, pre-printed capsules, capsules with shiny pearl finish, and capsules for clinical trial use will also be the part of the display.

(Hall No # 10.20 Booth 102D10)

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