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25 Oct 2021

ACG: Making it Better through collaboration and an integrated range of pharma and nutra products

Alex Robertson, ACG World

On the face of it, the phrase ‘Make It Better’ might seem like a clear and perhaps literal proposition to customers but as Alex Robertson, Chief Marketing Officer at ACG World explains, it holds multiple layers of meaning…

ACG, the world’s largest and most integrated manufacturing solution provider for solid dose medicine, has hit the ground running with their new brand positioning in 2021. Their promise to existing and potential customers is to ‘Make It Better’.

“It’s our comprehensive range of integrated products, coupled with 60 years of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical expertise, that make ACG so unique”, says Alex Robertson, Chief Marketing Officer at ACG. “For us, ‘Make It Better’ is many things. It’s a pledge to our customers, it’s a promise to consumers, and it’s a guiding principle for all our associates.”

He explains that ‘Make It Better’ goes far beyond the literal, representing both functional and emotional meanings – reflecting ACG’s belief that everyone in the world deserves good medicines.

ACG’s competitors are numerous, but only in particular product ranges: some make capsules, some make machines, some provide packaging substrates or inspection systems. “There is no other company that provides all the products and services that we do,” says Robertson, “and we believe we ‘Make It Better’ because we do all those things.”

Another area where ACG believes it can ‘Make It Better’ is through its strong global presence. Employing 4,500 associates worldwide the company has 15 global manufacturing facilities across three continents. With an installed base of over 20,000 processing, packaging, inspection and track & trace machines, ACG is a trusted partner for over 50% of the top 100 global solid dosage manufacturers in over 130 countries.

“Because of this global footprint, we can support and service customers across the world and make a real impact,” says Robertson.

He cites the lockdowns and transport restrictions of the Covid pandemic as an example of how the company has successfully navigated global supply-chain challenges. Throughout, ACG met its commitments and delivered timeously through its 15 manufacturing plants in Asia, Europe, and South America.

As an organisation, ACG boasts a great commitment to innovation by continually investing in projects and ideas that further develop their products and services. In short – ‘Make It Better’.

“Every business unit has Research and Development departments that pursue ACG projects but, more important, work collaboratively with our clients.”

In conclusion, Robertson explains that while the functional proof points of the ‘Make It Better’ promise are important, he stresses that the emotional motivation is equally compelling. “Beyond products and services, we, as people, can communicate, care, innovate and collaborate to build a better world for all. That’s why at ACG we ‘Make It Better’, so that our pharma and nutra partners can ‘Make It Better’, and together we can help make people better.”

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