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8 Jun 2020

Achilles Therapeutics to set up manufacturing operations at the CGT Catapult manufacturing centre

The collaboration with CGT Catapult will enable Achilles to increase its GMP manufacturing capacity to supply clinical trials of its novel T cell therapy products.

The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult) has announced that Achilles Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical, will be manufacturing their advanced therapy products for clinical trials in one of the newly operational modules at the CGT Catapult manufacturing centre.

The CGT Catapult manufacturing centre has remained operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to prioritise the production of patient batches manufactured for clinical supply, and the facility is continuing to support companies as they accelerate their operations.

Achilles is the first company to occupy one of the new modules, part of an expansion of the CGT Catapult manufacturing centre completed in September 2019 which has doubled its capacity.

The additional six segregated modules are now fully operational, helping to meet exceptional demand for collaboration at the centre and support the growing UK cell and gene therapy industry.

By establishing their manufacturing process at the CGT Catapult manufacturing centre, Achilles will have access to the GMP facilities, supply chain and expertise to enable them to expand their manufacturing capabilities and support clinical studies of their innovative cell therapy products.

Achilles develops novel cancer immunotherapies that allow individualised treatments to target and destroy tumours, without harming healthy tissues and minimising tumour escape. The company has two ongoing clinical studies, in advanced non-small cell lung cancer and recurrent metastatic melanoma.

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