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As a Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer, Acino can look back on to a long history in producing oral solid dosage forms for major generic companies at the highest quality possible. Having developed profound know-how within this field, Acino has a well-known track record in manufacturing complex modified release formulation such as MUPS (Multi Unit Pellet System). Some of the service we offer are dry, wet and melt granulation, extrusion/spheronization, pellet layering in fluidized bed and coating.
Acino understands well the customer needs and has a manufacturing and packaging sites in Switzerland, Estonia and Ukraine. This allows flexible and customized offering for clients with various project requirements. We can handle high volume products as well as smaller volume SKUs as a result of carefully considered cost structure. We operate under highest industry standards and we offer EU batch release.

Last but not least, Acino is always thriving to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. Our professional and experienced technical and commercial teams will always give their greatest commitment to make the impossible possible to ensure successful project transfer and smooth commercial production thereafter.

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Products from Acino International AG

  • Finished Dosage Form

    Product Finished Dosage Form

    • modified-release tablets (MUPS and matrix tablets)
    • film coated- or dispersible tablets
    • printed tablets
    • modified release capsules
    • micro-tablets in capsules
    • controlled substances & broad-spectrum antibiotics
    • sugar coated tablets
  • Granulation/Pelletization

    Product Granulation/Pelletization

    • wet (aqueous & organic), dry and melt granulation
    • fluid-bed & high shear granulation
    • direct compression
    • extrusion / spheronization
    • pellet layering in fluid bed process
    • coating of pellets 
    • fluid.bed and tray drying
    • sieving / blending
  • Primary packaging

    Product Primary packaging

    • PVC // Alu
    • PVC/PVDC // Au
    • PVC/PE/PVDC // Alu
    • Alu // Alu
    • controlled substances packaging
    • packaging of potent OSDs
    • bottles (glass, plastic, aluminium) with different caps (push-on, screw, snap safe, desiccant capsules)
    • unit dose blister
  • Secondary packaging

    Product Secondary packaging

    • standard secondary packaging ( for packs & bottles)
    • PIL-packages
    • artwork management
    • serialization & aggregation
    • warehousing & logistics
    • batch release according to customer wishes ( Swiss batch release and European batch release)

Acino International AG Resources

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