Activated mPEGs

Product description

CPS is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of GMP grade Activated mPEGs for the conjugation of proteins, antibody fragments and peptides to improve the stability and pharmo-kinetic properties of biologic drugs. With outstanding GMP capabilities and back integration to high purity mPEG-OH we can guarantee the quality, consistency and security of supply of our Activated mPEG products. Our product range has the following characteristics:

  • Varied activating groups including Maleimide, pNP-carbonate, propionaldehyde, Amine, NHS ester, iodoacetemide, thiol etc.
  • Full range of molecular weights; from 2 to 40 kDa
  • Excellent levels of activation
  • Low Diol content
  • cGMP manufacture from lab to commercial scale
  • Custom Activation
Our customers range from large pharmaceutical to small biotech companies involved in the development of biologic drugs. CPS is able to provide a scale up and cGMP manufacturing service second to none, which enables our customers to progress their candidates through the clinical trial process and on to commercialization with complete confidence.

Early route selection and innovation is undertaken at our R&D facility in Cambridge. Development of meaningful analytical methods provides customers with the critical information about the Activated mPEG that they need. Manufacture and analysis are transferred to our Mirfield site for further scale up, development and optimization for the critical manufacture of GMP products used in clinical trials. The site has extensive experience in supply of GMP Activated mPEGs for all phases of clinical development and commercial supply and has the facilities and capabilities necessary for the full range of volume requirements.

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Categories Pharmaceutical PackagingDrug Delivery Systems
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin India; United Kingdom
Selling Points Product Performance; Prompt Delivery; Quality Service; Reputation
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