ADAPTA The evolving capsule filler.

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The ADAPTA's DNA has its roots in IMA’s 50 years of experience and more than 5,000 capsule filling installations worldwide. This knowledge and experience have allowed the IMA capsule fillers to evolve and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the market.

IMA is oriented to a continuous improvement of its own products, with a constant dedication to research and development of new technologies in terms of productivity, flexibility and efficiency, not of course forgetting cost pressures of the market, as well as environmental impact and energy savings.

The ADAPTA capsule filler was born from this knowledge and experience: this machine is IMA’s reply to the ever changing market demands.

The machine features exceptional design flexibility: two of its dosing units are reversible/interchangeable giving the possibility of a plug and play shift between different machine configurations and filling combinations. The machine is designed to dose 3 products (up to 5 upon request) into the same capsule, reaching a speed of 100,000 capsules/hour.

Moreover the machine working area is completely accessible also making cleaning operations very easy.

ADAPTA proven product dosing systems have demonstrated a superior accuracy, even with a minimum quantity of drug or difficult to handle product. In-process controls are also a more and more required function, especially when filling products combination or for powder microdosing: with the appropriate options, ADAPTA can achieve total production control thanks to individual check of product dosage and 100% control of gross and/or net weight. Indeed IMA draws on its extensive expertise to provide the most advanced solutions for DPI product processing and assembly. Direct weight control performed in-line on each single capsule or device, both before and after filling. Absence of mechanical powder compression for improved airway intake. Accurate micro-dosing and automatic feedback and adjustment.

Upon request the ADAPTA capsule filler can be configured for the contained processing of HAPI (Highly Active Potent Ingredients). With the highest number of capsule filling installations worldwide for category IV and V products, both for laboratory and production applications, IMA Active boasts a wide range of proven technical solutions and a global approach to solid dose contained production: an expertise unrivalled in the marketplace.
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Categories Pharmaceutical Technology, Laboratory and Analytical Equipment; Pharmaceutical Packaging
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin Italy
Selling Points Brand Name; Quality Service; Reputation
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ADAPTA The evolving capsule filler.

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