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The business model of the India based Aether Industries Limited is to be a leading global manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals and active ingredients, as well as a preferred provider of Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS). Aether currently operates a truly one-of-its-kind contract research and contract manufacturing facility in Surat (Gujarat, India). At present we have the capability to produce 1 kg - 120 MT quantities in our fully operational multi-purpose pilot plant in GMP or non-GMP mode and in batch or continuous process equipment. Production to 1000's of MT's is possible in our manufacturing facilities (GMP as well as non-GMP plants).


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    Advanced pharmaceutical intermediates
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    Aether offers unique chemistries paired with project-ready, cutting edge process technologies at both pilot and manufacturing scale. Featured chemistries: high pressure hydrogenations, Grignard reactions, alkoxide (EO) derivatization, isobutylene chemistry, organo-lithiation, coupling reactions (Suzuki, Heck), exothermic chemistry, etherification/Ullmann. Featured process technologies: homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, high pressure batch and continuous hydrogenation, cryogenic reactions, high vacuum distillation/fractionation, conversion from batch to continuous processes.

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