Albuvirtide for injection - A Long-acting HIV Fusion Inhibitor

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The world’s first long acting HIV fusion inhibitor. An amino acid synthesized peptide, lyophilized powder for injection with shelf life 24 months. The API should be stored and transported at -20C, and the finished product should be stored and transported at 2-8C. ALBUVIRTIDE only need to be administered once per week, improves the medication adherence, there is evidence that simplified regimens that require fewer pills and lower dose frequencies improve adherence, missing even a single dose in a 28-day reporting period has been shown to predict treatment failure, the rapid replication and mutation rate of HIV means that not less than 95% of adherence levels are required to achieve durable suppression of viral load, of the patients suffering from AIDS, approximately only one-third take their medication as prescribed, even when patients fully comprehend the consequences of non-adherence to medications, adherence rates are suboptimal, suboptimal adherence may rapidly lead to resistance, which can then be transmitted to other people. With drug resistance, HIV medicines that used to suppress patients HIV are not effective against the new drug-resistant HIV.  Small increases in adherence can result in significant improvements in overall health, quality of life, and survival.Contact us for more information.Efficacy, US NIH research data indicates that ALBUVIRTIDE has better efficacy to lab virus strains  and clinical epidemic strains than T20.Safety, the study shows that compared with regimens of 3-4 drugs, the combination of long acting HIV fusion inhibitor ALBUVIRTIDE and one other ART drug could offer simplified therapy with better safety and less drug-drug interaction. 
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Albuvirtide for injection - A Long-acting HIV Fusion Inhibitor

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