ALLERGIX FREE - Hyaluronic Acid and Perilla Ocular Spray - (Ophthalmology - Allergy)

Product description

Allergix Free is a sterile, preservative free, lubricating and lenitive ocular spray. It contains liposomes, Perilla and sodium hyaluronate, three natural compounds with synergistic action, ideal for treating inflammation and allergic conjunctivitis symptoms. The combined action of liposomes and sodium hyaluronate helps to restore and improve the tear film stability, keeping the ocular surface more hydrated and lubricated. Perilla helps to relieve symptoms of ocular irritation thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiallergic properties. 
- Presentations: Ocular spray 10 ml APTAR bottle.
- Class: Medical Device IIa
- CE Mark expiry date: 2024
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