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26 Oct 2011

Allon Completes Patient Enrolment for Davunetide Phase II/III Trial

Allon Therapeutics has announced its completion of the enrollment objective of 300 patients in the phase 2/3 pivotal clinical trial evaluating the neuroprotective drug candidate Davunetide.

Vancouver-based biotechnology company Allon Therapeutics has completed the enrolment of 300 patients in a Phase II/III pivotal trial to evaluate neuroprotective drug candidate Davunetide as a treatment for progressive supranuclear palsy, a rapidly progressing and fatal degenerative brain disease.


Davunetide is derived from a naturally occurring neuroprotective brain protein known as activity dependent neuroprotective protein.


Earlier human clinical and pre-clinical data suggested that Davunetide has shown significant impacts on memory, activities of daily living, and a biomarker of brain cell function and integrity.


The Phase II/III trial is being conducted under

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