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With a strong development platform and four production sites, AMEGA Biotech develops and produces biosimilars. Exporting recombinant proteins worldwide and focused on central markets registrations, AMEGA Biotech is the leading regional producer.Our work and vision are directed forward. Our production model is based on a comprehensive design and integration of all the processes involved in the production of high quality and high technology products. This competitive advantage allows us to face the present and future challenges of a dynamic field.We contribute to the future of biotechnology by understanding its high impact on society and its benefits on human health.

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  • From API to FDF

    Product From API to FDF

    Through constant research and innovation, based on ethics and a responsible attitude, we seek to consolidate the leadership of our biosimilar products, from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient to Finished Dosage Form.

    API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
    Etanercept ...
  • Enerceptan 25mg & 50 mg

    Product Enerceptan 25mg & 50 mg


    Enerceptan | 25 mg / 0.5 mL Prefilled syringe

    Enerceptan | 50 mg / 1 mL 
    Prefilled syringe

    Indications: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

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  • Brochure AMEGABiotech

    GLOBAL PRESENCEThis new vision enables AMEGA Biotech to access markets such as Latin America, MENA, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Russia, Ukraine.
    AMEGA Biotech has fully integrated its development and production operations, controlling the process all the way from clone selection to the production of the purified protein and the formulation of the finished product. This advantage allows our organization to offer its customers added value through our integrated value chain, with the guarantee of the origin and consistent quality of its products.