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11 Nov 2011

AMRI Signs with Creative Antibiotics for Treatment of Infections

AMRI has inked a deal with Creative Antibiotics Sweden to develop the latter's substance classes for the treatment of infections caused by the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria.

US contract manufacturer AMRI has signed an agreement with Creative Antibiotics Sweden for the development of one of Creative Antibiotics' promising substance classes to treat infections caused by the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria.


The deal will also involve the screening of two AMRI large substance libraries to find new substances that are effective against Gram-negative bacteria, in particular Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


"The substance class that we are developing with the support of AMRI has so far shown very promising results in our hands," said Ulf Boberg, chief executive of Creative Antibiotics Sweden. "With the help of AMRI, we can increase the pace towards identifying a candidate drug in that substance class."

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