Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry
Product Description

SGS provides the professional expertise and regulatory qualifications necessary to perform analytical testing of raw materials, APIs, finished products, packaging material and medical devices. Well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratories offer comprehensive testing services according to the pharmacopoeia (e.g. EP, USP, BP, JP) and to customer specifications.

Chemical and Physico-Chemical Testing:

- Assays (e.g. UV/Vis, IR, AAS, etc.)
- Chromatographic tests (e.g. HPLC, GC, IC, ICP-MS)
- Identification of active ingredients and impurities
- Physical and physico-chemical determinations (e.g. pH, viscosity, melting point, particle size, osmolality and osmolarity, flash point, loss on drying)
- Limit tests (e.g. heavy metals, ash, anions)
- Residual solvents (volatile organic compounds [VOC], organic volatile impurities [OVI])
- Solid oral dosage QC tests (e.g. disintegration, dissolution, hardness, friability)
- Sampling and analyses of water for pharmaceutical purpose and controlled process environments (e.g. TOC, conductivity)


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