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Stabicon Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Offers Wide Range Of Services Which Includes Analytical Method Development, Routine Analysis Physical Test,Chemical Test , Instrumental Test, Comparative Dissolution Profile,Method Transfer/ Verifications,& Validations Services. It Helps To Ensure Successful Method Development There Is A Requirement For Highly Skilled Analytical Judgement. The Chemical Test 'Purpose' Of The Method Needs To Be Determined With Some Clarity And Thoroughness As This Will Ultimately Determine The Long-Term Success Of The New Method. For Further Details contact us

Stabicon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

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Stabicon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

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  • Formulation Development Services

    Product Formulation Development Services

    Formulation Development  is as much an art as it is a science, and it’s the people that make the difference. Each of the technologies we work with has application across two or more dosage forms and multiple routes of administration. Of course, we have all the analytical and production support needed to advance these products into the clinic. 

    We focus on therapeutic & wellness designed matrix to meet various market/regulatory needs. From early phase formulations for preclinical research, to QBD evaluations for innovative & generic molecules. Stabicon can support your formulation requirements for any phase of development1)Oral Delivery through Digestive tract(enteral) - Solid 2)Ophthalmic/Otologic/Nasal - Solid/Liquid 
    3)Urogenital - Solid/Liquid
    4)Rectal(enteral) - Solid/Liquid
     For Further more information You can contact

  • In-Vitro Services

    Product In-Vitro Services

    Stabicon Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Offers Wide Range Of Services Which Includes In-Vitro Services. It Is Important As Alternatives Human Testing And Are Key To Efficacy & Safety Assessment Activities. It Provide A Complete Suite Of Drug Release Assays And Biowavier Studies For A Variety Of Dosage Forms Ranging From Simple Tablets To Transdermal Formulations
    In vitro studies are critical to the drug and wellness product development due to their ability to provide a basis for clinical in vivo studies for predicting best delivery model to take Go/No-Go decision. Our solution on in vitro analyses can provide proof of concept on delivery dosage form in the early stages or reverse pharmacology development of the active process, when the selectivity and possible interactions of the candidate drug towards the desired therapeutic target are established. Our team can provide solution map on case to case basis for your specific requirement.In vitro Models are important as alternatives to animal & human testing and are key to efficacy & safety assessment activities.In vitro evaluation provides a complete suite of drug release assays and biowaiver studies for a variety of dosage forms ranging from simple tablets to transdermal formulations. As drug products continue to increase in complexity, there has been a growing initiative to enhance evaluation by introducing the concepts of quality target product profile (QTPP) and quality by design (QbD). By complementing the traditional paradigm of ‘equivalence by testing’ the current framework encourages the use of appropriate surrogates to target pharmaceutical equivalence by design.For Further Details contact us

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