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Aora Health is an R&D company that creates pathology-specific nutraceuticals with clinical studies on the final formulation.

Most of our products are designed to be recommended by doctors. 

We have an international focus with presence in more than 30 markets.

We conduct double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled studies along with invitro and in vivo equivalence studies compared to pharmaceuticals… with exceptional results.  

We are a leader in chronic Gastroenterology, where our double-delivery technology is already in 21 markets and under registration in more.

Our product line is 40+ products with a focus on digestive, mental, and women’s health among others.

We also run an external R&D service, developing products for other medical companies.  Enteral Nutrition (Reimbursed Hospital Line) is among our star lines served to industry and directly to MoHs internationally.

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Products from Aora Health (5)

  • Cranbiotics

    Product Cranbiotics

    An innovative adjuvant therapy for urinary tract care: two products, one delivery. The external capsule contains cranberry and vitamin B complex and dissolves in the stomach.  Helps to minimize bacterial adherence to the urinary tract epithelial cells and fight against vulvovaginal candidiasis....
  • Enzymax DuoBiotics

    Product Enzymax DuoBiotics

    Targeted Dual Release:  The external capsule dissolves in the stomach, releasing digestive enzymes that are optimal in the acidic medium. The internal capsule dissolves in the intestine, releasing pro- and prebiotics, that help protect and regenerate intestinal flora.
  • Pregnavie Complete

    Product Pregnavie Complete

    A nutritional supplement for pregnancy that holds all of the correct ingredients for mother and fetus in a one capsule a day format.  Includes Omega 3 with a high concentration of DHA.
  • Enzymax Forte

    Product Enzymax Forte

    A digestive nutraceutical with two studies against pharmaceutical alternatives (Valencia University, Cuban Cystic Fibrosis Commission).

    Targeted Dual Release:  The external capsule dissolves in the stomach, releasing digestive enzymes that are optimal in the acidic medium. The internal capsule dis...
  • AQaffron

    Product AQaffron

    The only natural adjuvant therapy to antidepressant with proven therapeutic results comparable to pharmaceutical solutions.  No side effects.  AQaffron is an extremely effective antidepressant aid, demonstrated by our multiple clinical studies on the finished formulation.