Application of Chlorpropanol beta cyclodextrin in cotton fabric

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Because cyclodextrin has unique external hydrophilic and internal hydrophobic molecular structure, it can form chloropropanol cyclodextrin inclusion complex with chloropropanol, such as inclusion functional additives, fragrance absorption and release, etc. When cyclodextrin is treated on the fabric, it can give the fabric some properties.
1. Improve the hygroscopicity of synthetic fiber. The outer layer of cyclodextrin is composed of 21 hydroxyl groups, which has strong hydrophilicity. Therefore, when cyclodextrin is treated on the synthetic fiber, the moisture absorption of the fabric will be improved.
2. Absorb unpleasant smell, sweat discharged by human body and peculiar smell produced by microbial degradation of sweat. Cyclodextrin has the function of absorbing fishy smell in fish or meat, so it can be treated on fabric to make clothes with fishy smell.
3. It has health care function. Such as the use of cyclodextrin inclusion drugs, so that the drugs can be slowly released from the fabric, with a long-term health care function; such as cyclodextrin inclusion fungicides, so that the fabric has antibacterial effect. At present, there is also a kind of anti allergic underwear on the market. It uses cyclodextrin inclusion linolenic acid to achieve the effect. Linolenic acid can be directly absorbed by the skin and can keep the moisture of the skin, especially for those who have dry skin.
4. After finishing the textiles with chloropropanol beta cyclodextrin, the fabrics with beta cyclodextrin can improve the recovery of folds and reduce the reduction of tensile strength. This kind of product can be used directly, and can also produce different functional clothing according to the needs.
4.1 for direct application, it can be directly made into close fitting clothes.
4.2 the fabric with special functions can be made. By using the enveloping characteristics of beta cyclodextrin on the object substances, perfume, medical and health medicine, bactericide, sunscreen, ultraviolet absorber, mosquito repellent and insect repellent, fire retardant and antistatic substances can be finished on the fabric to develop its functional use.


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Application of Chlorpropanol beta cyclodextrin in cotton fabric

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