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12 Sep 2018

Aptar Pharma to showcase an industry first

PureHale is a new portable drug delivery device designed for upper respiratory care.

Aptar Pharma will showcase an industry first with its PureHale device – a new portable drug delivery device designed for upper respiratory care - at CPHI Worldwide this year in Madrid.

In addition to PureHale, Aptar Pharma will also reveal:

  • A range of new connected drug delivery devices designed to help increase dose adherence and improve patient health outcomes
  • A portfolio of gamma-sterilized drug delivery components to reduce bioburden
  • Aptar Pharma’s Support Services initiative, a portfolio of stage-specific development packages to help customers in their journey from molecule to market.
  • “Through a wide range of consulting and services, Aptar Pharma innovates around delivery routes, effective drug delivery, testing and regulatory requirements with partners ranging from small-scale R&D firms to the largest international pharmaceutical companies. We look forward to launching our Support Services initiative at CPHI, and working with our customers to meet their development needs, said Guillaume Brouet, Vice President Analytical, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at Aptar Pharma.”

    Along with showcasing its range of innovative drug delivery devices that address nasal, pulmonary, eye care, injectables and dermal drug delivery routes at Aptar Pharma’s exhibit stand, the company will also be sharing various new solutions in prescription and over-the-counter treatments.

    Furthermore, Aptar Pharma executives will be delivering three Pharma Insight Briefings outlining the latest trends, technology and product innovations:

    “Debunking the leachable myths of gamma sterilization: A migration study of steam vs gamma”

    Julie D. Suman, President of Next Breath, a division of Aptar Pharma, Tuesday 9 October, 11:50-12:20.

    Julie Suman will present a migration study commissioned by Aptar Pharma to assess the impact of both steam sterilization and gamma sterilization on leachable profiles.

    “Portable care for your respiratory tract: Exploring new technology platforms”

    Guenter Nadler, Director Business Development, Aptar Pharma, Tuesday 9 October, 12:30-13:00

    Guenter Nadler will discuss new trends in treating upper respiratory tract issues naturally, including new respiratory technology platforms that will meet new market needs.

    “Building a connected devices eco-system for digital medicines”

    Sai Shankar, Director Business Development, Aptar Pharma Wednesday 10 October, 13:50-14:20.

    Sai Shankar will highlight the need for a digital medicine eco-system to ensure connected devices are fully optimised through patient-centric design, secure data collection and management, and cross-platform interoperability.

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