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20 May 2011

ASKA Pharmaceutical and HRA Pharma Sign Exclusive Licensing Agreement

ASKA Pharmaceutical has entered into a licensing agreement with HRA Pharma for the development and marketing of ulipristal acetate in Japan for emergency contraception.

ASKA Pharmaceutical Co., LTD and HRA Pharma have announced the conclusion of exclusive licensing agreements for ASKA Pharmaceutical to develop and market ulipristal acetate in Japan in response to multiple women’s reproductive health issues, in particular emergency contraception.


Ulipristal acetate for emergency contraception, known as ellaOne? in Europe as well as ella? in the United States, has undergone an exhaustive program of trials in both the USA and Europe. HRA Pharma partnered with the American National Institute of Health first beginning its work to develop the emergency contraceptive pill nearly 12 years ago. Since that time it has undergone pre clinical and full clinical tests in over 4,000 women. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved ellaOne? in 2009 following its submission and the US regulatory authorities granted its license mid of last year

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