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Aspen API is the cooperative force of Aspen Oss, The Netherlands and Fine Chemicals Corporation, South Africa . We are a driven and involved partner in the field of development, manufacturing and registration of complex and highly active pharmaceutical ingredients used for the production of finished dosage forms. With quality, compliance and collaboration at the core of our DNA, we continuously strive to improve and provide the ultimate solutions for our customers.

Our proactive quality and safety culture is firmly rooted in o...

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Products from Aspen API (5)

  • Lanreotide

    Product Lanreotide

    Under development - samples available
  • Goserelin

    Product Goserelin

    Under development - samples are available
  • Relugolix

    Product Relugolix

    Under development - samples available
  • Segesterone acetate

    Product Segesterone acetate

    Under development - samples are available
  • Sugammadex

    Product Sugammadex

    Commercially available

Aspen API Resources (3)

  • Sponsored Content Aspen API’s Green answer to peptide synthesis

    Our Green Continuous Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis (GC-LPPS) combines the advantages of the classical solution-phase synthesis with the solid-phase approach. 
  • Whitepaper Endocrine-disrupting pharmaceuticals in the environment

    How Aspen API is acting to minimize discharges of hormone-based active pharmaceutical ingredients into the environment.

    Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are recognized as a contaminant of emerging concern for environmental and human health. Designed to be biologically active, APIs are also developed to remain stable during their passage through the body. However, due to their persistence, they can accumulate in the environment with potentially significant impacts on both the environment and non-target organisms. In total, more than 770 pharmaceuticals and their metabolites can be found in the environment. Even in low concentrations, the risks associated with pharmaceuticals in the environment (PIE) need to be determined and carefully managed, with a view to minimizing their impact on people and the environment.

    A growing source of API emissions is estrogenic hormones such as oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapies, known within the chemical industry as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). As a leading producer of estrogenic hormone APIs, Aspen API is committed to minimizing the health and environmental impact of our manufacturing activities. This white paper outlines efforts to tackle this growing health issue, including the steps we are taking in our manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands to fully eliminate our API discharges into the environment.
  • News CPHI Trend Report - Sustainability in Pharma

    While in the past, much of the discussion around sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry rightly focused on efforts to minimize the environmental impact of drug production, the needle has now shifted. There are signs that companies not only understand that it represents one of the world’s biggest challenges moving forward, but also that they are starting to incorporate sustainability practices into a much broader suite of operations.