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We specialize in Automation and Handling Solutions for Medical Devices, Medical Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals! 

ATS Life Sciences provides state-of-the-art CGMP manufacturing solutions to the world’s leading medical technology and pharmaceutical OEMs. We have decades of expertise in the assembly of a wide variety of medical devices and diagnostics products including: syringes, tube sets, autoinjectors, bio-sensors, biofluidics, DNA microarrays, contact lenses, catheters, and stents. We have extensive experience in clean room automation for the manufacture, inspection, dispense, order fulfillment, and packaging of pharmaceuticals and vaccines.  And of course, we are there for our customers at every step of the journey with our extensive portfolio ranging from pre- to post-automation services. 

Our customers count on us to solve complex manufacturing problems typically characterized by tight tolerances, no-touch zones, low particulate generation constraints, challenging geometries, and rigorous quality control. Our commitment is to design, build and integrate systems that suit our customers´ specific needs.

Being part of the global ATS Group, we profit from a world-wide network with over 4,400 employees that operate in 23 facilities and 50+ offices across 22 countries. 

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ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc

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Products from ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc

  • ATS SuperTrak – Asynchronous Linear Conveyance Platform

    Product ATS SuperTrak – Asynchronous Linear Conveyance Platform

    SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ products include, SuperTrak GEN3™ and SuperTrak MICRO™ conveyors. SuperTrak GEN3™ and SuperTrak MICRO™ are smart enabled technologies that get machines to production faster and more effectively than traditional methods by saving significant engineering and integration time. The TrakMaster™ software included with the SuperTrak GEN3™ platform is the user interface that provides access to the track’s powerful integrated functionality.

  • ATS Symphoni – Synchronous High Performance Digital Assembly Solution

    Product ATS Symphoni – Synchronous High Performance Digital Assembly Solution

    Our ATS Symphoni is a digital assembly automation technology featuring an unmatched combination of speed, versatility, and precision. It delivers business value in a scalable, modular platform that merges the best features from each – the digital flexibility of robotics and linear motion conveyance, the high output, cam-driven efficiency of continuous motion, synchronous indexing machines as well as the line–balancing power of intelligent pallets.
  • ATS OmniTrak – Combined Linear Assembly Solution

    Product ATS OmniTrak – Combined Linear Assembly Solution

    Our ATS OmniTrak is an unique assembly system technology that has been proven in production for many years. It combines the precision of cam-controlled workstations and the flexibility of linear motor-driven workpiece carriers (ATS Supertrak Conveyance). This system offers high flexibility for products and processes, as well as a lower maintenance and space requirements.
  • ATS Discovery – Synchronous Rotary Indexing Assembly Solution

    Product ATS Discovery – Synchronous Rotary Indexing Assembly Solution

    Our ATS Discovery dial machine is a standardized, cam driven platform that ATS has refined and successfully implemented throughout the industry for decades. It achieves high production performance due to the high repeatability of cam driven stations and easy maintenance. The dial movement is generated by an indexer coupled to the main drive shaft producing a synchronized machine.
  • ATS Jetwing – Synchronous Linear Assembly Solution

    Product ATS Jetwing – Synchronous Linear Assembly Solution

    Our ATS Jetwing is an exceptionally versatile, compact, linear assembly platform. It supports up to 12 stations and is ideal for the product development phase and assembling large quantities of products with short lifecycles. The system is capable of both semi- and fully-automatic assembly. Quick retools, combinations of stations via interfaces, introduction of new stations/modules or product changes are one of the greatest features of the system.
  • ATS Clearliner – Tray/Pallet Handler

    Product ATS Clearliner – Tray/Pallet Handler

    Our ATS Clearliners are ideal for any tray or ISO/Euro pallet sizes from 400 to 1000 mm. Depending on the quantity of parts and shape of the trays/pallets, we can integrate a conveyor belt or trolley for transfer to and from the machine. Stacks can then be removed or replenished while the Clearliner is in operation. The tray systems (type 400 and 600) are available in a standard version with a single axis, a speed version with two axes, and a special version for cleanrooms up to class 1000 (ISO 6). The pallet handler (type 1000) is available both with and without a dedicated conveyor. Moreover, it can be optionally constructed for cleanrooms of up to class 10000 (ISO 7).
  • ATS Cleantrak – Cleanroom Transfer System

    Product ATS Cleantrak – Cleanroom Transfer System

    Our ATS Cleantrak transfer system for cleanrooms is the perfect solution for intelligently integrated, end-to-end automation. It is deployed in cleanrooms to link the Clearliner handling system to downstream automation systems and transfer the parts to other stages of assembly. Any arrangement of assembly units is possible. The system can be adapted to the existing physical environment.
  • ATS Labeller – Labelling System

    Product ATS Labeller – Labelling System

    Labelling is a process that many of our customers require. We offer a wide range of standardized and customized solutions for applying labels to products of all shapes and sizes. Where required, we can incorporate a printing system and vision checks into your assembly line as well.
  • ATS Robotics – Handling System

    Product ATS Robotics – Handling System

    Nowadays, process automation is hardly conceivable without the flexible gripping and handling of parts by robots. At ATS we are specialized in such systems that provide a higher rate of flexibility and precision than ´normal´ systems. The selection of the optimal robot system is based on parameters such as reach, payload and environment.
  • Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence

    Product Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence

    Illuminate is a connected factory floor management system for our customers´ manufacturing environment. For superior and sustainable manufacturing OEE, productivity, and product quality, Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence is designed to move our customers from data-to-data decision, in minutes. It provides decisive and transformational insight, and unlocks performance possibilities on the essential machines, lines and processes that power and propel the manufacturing business.
  • ATS Lyoscan – High Speed Visual Inspection

    Product ATS Lyoscan – High Speed Visual Inspection

    The Lyoscan inspection system executes approximately 40 vision inspections utilizing 28 cameras to appropriately assess the stopper, cap and body features of each vial, as well as the integrity of the lyophilized cake contained within the vial. Quick change tooling provides system flexibility so that glass vials from 2-20ml in size can be accommodated. Manual and automated vial infeed options are available.

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