Automated Visual Inspection

Automated Visual Inspection
Product Description

The automated visual inspection platform VISION CAV is designed for a customized, fully-automated inspection of particles and cosmetic defects of vials with liquid or lyophilized products. 

Cosmetic and particle inspectionFor the inspection of cosmetic defects, the test samples are rotated 360°. This allows inspection of cracks, scratches, contaminants and other cosmetic defects on the bottom, vial wall and crimp cap. Automated particle inspection distinguishes between floating, suspended and settled particles at the bottom. Particles in the liquid are inspected using image subtraction and particle tracking algorithms.

Customized configuration of camera stations
High-resolution image sequences are recorded by several camera stations which don't move to prevent vibration and wear of the components. 
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    Our automated CCI testers for vials, syringes, ampoules, blow-fill-seal containers, IV bags and other pharmaceutical packaging use the latest generation of differential pressure testing or headspace analysis procedures allowing a highly sensitive and robust measurement.

    • Industry leading measurement sensitivity
    • Applicable for glass and plastic containers
    • Applicable for liquid, lyophilized and solid products
    • Applicable for non-conductive products or low filling levels
    • Non-destructive, deterministic test method preferred acc. USP 1207
    • Design according GMP guidelines
    • Data handling in compliance with 21 CFR part 11
    • Inspection speed up to 600 per minute
    • Combination with other inspection technologies
    • Reliable product handling
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    With our wide range of lab testing equipment we provide solutions for the early stages in the development processes as well as for quality control in commercial manufacturing. Being able to transfer the test method from R&D to production reduces risks and saves time.
    The NEO series combines highest measurement sensitivity for a wide range of applications with a very easy to use system. Following the successful market launch of the NEO DPX, which performs leak tests using the differential pressure method, the NEO HSX ONE is designed for leak tests, process controls or residual oxygen measurements using Headspace Analysis (HSA). In addition to its measurement accuracy, the compact system impresses with its high level of user-friendliness, process reliability and the many application options.

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  • Multi-inspection Platforms

    Product Multi-inspection Platforms

    With an increasing product portfolio and a variety of package types, sizes and formulations the requirements for processing and inspecting those products becomes more challenging. There is no test method that can do it all so that is why the combination of several methods is required. The VARIO MTX is a modular inspection platform that allows a customized setup for the quality control of pharmaceutical packages at high production speeds of up to 600/min.

    The following inspection methods are available :
    • LFC method®
    • Vacuum and Pressure Decay
    • Headspace Analysis (HSA)
    • Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)
    • Automated Visual Inspection (AVI)
    Depending on the product and production capacity, the VARIO MTX can combine multiple test stations of one or more non-destructive technologies. 
  • Automated NIR Spectroscopy

    Product Automated NIR Spectroscopy

    The SPECTRA NIV is a high speed inspection platform for the non-destructive acquisition and analysis of NIR spectra of lyophilized products. NIR spectroscopy allows the determination of multiple parameters simultaneously such as moisture concentration, defects of the lyophilizate and the identification of the product.
    Once the method is developed and validated the system does not require human intervention as the analysis, as well as the system verification, is done fully automatically and is easy to use. The NIR data gives the same reliability which is comparable to the reference analytic methods (e.g. Karl Fischer Titration, HPLC).
    System suitability tests are performed with the correct reference materials, such as wavelength standards and diffuse reflection standards, that are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We offer the full method development and validation.
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  • News Good Design Award 2020 for WILCO NEO DPX

    The CCI Laboratory Tester NEO DPX from WILCO AG has been honored with the Good Design Award in the category Industrial 2020 by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.
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    The long term success of your testing and inspection processes is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we offer a broad range of services to meet your individual challenges both now and in the future. We want to create trustworthy relationships with you.
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  • News New WILCO Headspace Analysis Lab Tester NEO HSX

    The NEO HSX ONE Headspace Analysis Laboratory System is designed for various inspection tasks related to integrity testing, as well as process control of various pharmaceutical primary packaging materials and product types. NEO represents the new generation of compact laboratory testing equipment that bring measurement accuracy, ease of use and flexibility to a new level.
  • Technical Data Custom-designed particle inspection for automated visual inspection systems

    Parenteral drug products are required to be 100% visually inspected. As each product and its packaging define their specific inspection task, standardized inspection setups may lead to a high level of false rejects and underperforming inspection results. In contrast, a customized solution provides the opportunity to improve the inspection by reducing false rejects and increasing the detection rates.

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    Lyophilized vials are inspected with three inspection technologies on one machine. The combination of visual inspection, headspace analysis and NIR spectroscopy ensures 100% integrity testing of the vials as well as testing of the lyo cake.
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    Together we will find a leak testing (CCIT) and visual inspection solution to optimally inspect your products. With our experience, broad technology portfolio, robust mechanical engineering and service portfolio over the entire product life cycle we provide maximum security.

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