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AVVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a European based pharmaceutical company, aiming on becoming a reference innovation hub for the development of biological medicines and new small molecules, with ultimate goal on providing a meaningful and affordable healthcare.
The company focuses on developing biosimilars and biological medicines in partnership with leading inte...

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    Product MICRAZYM ®

    Micrazym® is a pancreatin enzyme replacement medicine, used to treat digestive system conditions characterized by, or defined as Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI).  

    Micrazym® consists of enteric coated pancreatine  micropellets in capsules. Pancreatin in a blend of naturally der...

    Product ALCOFILTRUM ®

    Hangover symptoms relief

    • Blend of natural ingredients: Lignin Hydrolyzed (Enterosorbent) + selected Vitamins • Binds to toxins within the GI tract, such as Fusel Alcohols • Reduces the negative effect of alcohol consumption • Clinically tested solution OEM option available


    Product FILTRUM ®

    New approach for diarrhea and IBS-D* management  • Dietary supplement  • Composed of Lignin Hydrolyzed (Enterosorbent)  • Helps adsorb excess fluid and toxins in the digestive tract  • Promotes gut health  • Clinically tested  OEM option available 


AVVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd Resources (2)

  • Brochure Micrazym® Presentation

    Micrazym® is a pancreatin enzyme replacement medicine consists of enteric coated pancreatine micropellets in capsules.

    Outstanding Licensing Opportunity
  • Webinar Alcofiltrum, a Dietary Supplement to Alleviate Alcohol Hangover Symptoms

    Alcohol hangover symptoms are unpleasant, and once they develop, they are difficult to alleviate, adversely affecting daily activities. The dietary supplement Alcofiltrum has been clinically proven to effectively and proactively alleviate the severity of these symptoms, making it helpful for individuals who are prone to experiencing them after alcohol consumption. Alcofiltrum contains four natural components: lignin hydrolyzed, glycine, dihydromyricetin, and thiamine, each of which helps the body combat excessive alcohol consumption. Lignin hydrolyzed, the main component of Alcofiltrum, is an insoluble dietary fiber with a high sorption capacity against a variety of toxic substances, including acetaldehyde and fusel alcohols that contribute to hangover symptoms. Lignin also possesses antioxidant properties and water-holding capacity, further limiting alcohol intoxication symptoms. Dihydromyricetin counteracts acute ethanol intoxication by antagonizing ethanol's effects on neuron cells. Glycine is a neurotransmitter essential for nervous system function, and thiamine contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, which is impaired during alcohol hangovers