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We are the expert in using machine learning for visual inspection and treaceability.

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Products from Axom (3)

  • Automated Visual Inspection Station

    Product Automated Visual Inspection Station

    The station is a flexible, simple, and standardised tool designed to detect particles suspended in injectable medications and identify other production defects like scratches, sealing issues, fluid filling level for vials and syringes. This cutting-edge solution integrates machine learning algorithms, high...
  • Counting station (reconciliation, position detection)

    Product Counting station (reconciliation, position detection)

    Machine learning based flexible tool that can count, detect shapes, detect mix-ups, reconciliate. We can adjust our algorithm for very specific need that you production struggles with. The most universal use is to count samples like vials, syringes, blisters. Other business cases include multi-object check...
  • Counting stations

    Product Counting stations

    Counting station used for reconciliation of products. Can count anything : Vials Syringes Ampoules Cartridges Blisters Capsules ...

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