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Azo Liquids GmbH


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AZO LIQUIDS is a specialist in processing plants for mixing, dispersing and homogenising raw materials for e.g. liquids, powders, ingredients, vitamins and enzymes within industrial production processes to liquid and semi-solid products. Process steps like mixing, dispersing, homogenising, heating, cooling and discharging can be automated to the greatest possible degree.

Future proofed and innovated process technology, as well as intelligent control systems ensure the highest standard of quality.
Our plants offering highest flexibility with latest technology. As a standard a high-performance CIP cleaning systems as well as SIP systems are integrated in our scope of supply

The AZO LIQUIDS plants are supported by an intelligent control system, the zoamatic professional control system which can be integrated to highly complex process control system

AZO Liquids is exclusively represented in India by Vedic Pac Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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Affiliated categories: Creams, Lotions, Ointments |Emulsifying/Solubilising Agents More

Azo Liquids GmbH

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